July 24, 2010



If you buy a button all I need from you is the pictures you want me to use on it.  As well as the link you wish it to link to.  Most of this I can find via goodreads and amazon. I might ask for the book cover or author photo in a larger format but other than that there isn't anything else I will need.

All buttons (unless you are just buying a button) must be booked at least 1 month in advance 

Good PR

With Good PR all posts are via Social Media so other than retweeting, liking, re-sharing, and commenting there isn't anything else for you to do. For the featured posts I will need your links as well.
All good pr must be booked at least 1 month in advance

Site Design

This is another one that doesn't require to much from you.  Other than name, style, colors to avoid, links, and covers, or if you are a blogger what you want as your button.  This is all on us to create.

How do I pay?

All tours, buttons,  site creation, etc. Is all paid via paypal.  
At this time we do not offer refunds.  As soon as you pay for your PR and all information is given we start to work on your tour.  All money given to us is used for the tour via giveaways, shipping, and site costs.  

How do I set up my items?

As soon as we receive your payment and information we will contact you about setting up the item(s) that you purchased.



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