07 September 2011


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06 September 2011

In Our Mailbox

So I thought my mail lady was going to kill me today.  I had ordered a bunch of Priority Boxes and such and ended up messing up on the amount. So instead of getting 10 boxes I got 10 units which is 225 boxes and I did that more than once. Thinking I'm going to be getting 10-20 boxes and not units.  We also got our first post card from POSTCROSSING.COM it is from Montana.  And last but not least I revived a few books from Goodreads.com/swap.

You can see my two kids waving. Even the baby who is currently 10 months old and my 7 year old. 

Here are some of my ARC's Some I got today and some of them I didn't. 

Here is our 1st postcard we have gotten from Postcrossing.com 

05 September 2011

Review: Shifting

Title: Shifting
Author: Bethany Wiggins

Publisher: Walker Books for Young Readers
Release Date: September 27th, 2011
Pages: 353
Ages: 12 and up

Ok so I finished this book in 1 DAY.  YES It was that good.  I stayed up till almost 2am to finish reading it.  So the low down.  The back of my copy says Full of romance, mysticism, and intrigue.  Well they were right.  I would have to say that this is Twilight but in a good way and without the vampires.  

Our main character is Maggie Mae an almost 18 years old (yay more almost adults) who has been shuffled around to a lot of foster homes before she ends up in Silver City.  There is no love triangle which I was grateful for.  And you don't really find out what our leading man is until near the end of the book.  Which by the end of the book when you think you know what Maggie is Bethany Wiggins throws you a curve ball and scares the ever living HELL out of you.  (have tissues)  

As I had said that this is like Twilight I want to explain our leading lady is so unlike Bella you will jump for joy. She is someone that you would want your daughters to look up to.  At most times she is filled with so much fear that I think it would be deliberating. Yet somehow she works passed it and moves on.  Even when her leading man leaves her she is dying of a broken heart but she still pushes on unlike Bella when Edward leaves.  

So this book get 5 Trees because it was OUTSTANDING!!  

03 September 2011


MY DAY STARTED OUT LIKE THIS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>




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Ok so today we got up to do school and everything was fine.  We didn't get much sleep last night but we were dragging along.  Then around 12pm we started hearing this banging.  I thought it was the next door neighbor with their music up way loud.  But I just found out that it is a community picnic and that they have a permit to have music so they can have it so loud that I can hear it inside my home with the tv and music on from my computer and there is nothing they can do about it until 8pm which is when their permit expires.  So for the next 4 hours myself, my two daughter, my mother who had HBP and my elderly grandmother all have to be subjected to this crap.  

Review: Divergent

Title: Divergent
Author: Veronica Roth
Publication Date: May 3, 2011
Ages: 14 and up
Pages: 496
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books

Veronica Roth


Veronica Roth is a 22-year-old debut author, and a recent graduate of Northwestern University's Creative Writing program. While a student, she often chose to work on the story that would become Divergent instead of doing her homework. It was a transforming choice. Now a full-time writer, Ms. Roth lives near Chicago.

My Review:

Simply put, I did not like this book. I tried to like it. I forced myself to make it to chapter 12 and after that.... I was done. I just posted my review and noticed how many people like this book so I hope that this doesn't deter people from reading it. But it just wasn't for me.

The beginning starts off way WAY. I still don't have a clear picture of what was really going on with everything. I even ended up rereading a few chapters just to see if I could understand it better.

The way the book was written was very annoying. And it took me forever to reach chapter 12. When I can read a 600 page book in a day and it took me about 4 hours just to get to page 130. And the words that were used some of them were very hard to pronounce and I hate to think I'm saying it wrong.

02 September 2011

200 Follower Contest Where U Get To Pick The Book

Ok so since Google decided that closing the GFC was a good idea. We are all having to redo our followers. So I'm do an ongoing contest until I reach 200 followers on one of my social sites.  For Google + you will get two points. And I will follow anyone who follows me.  You can follow me on Facebook, twitter, rss, and stumble upon with the icons on the upper right hand corner. 

and taking one or both of my buttons for your site is now worth 10 points each.  So points will be added monthly.  And you still get to pic the book you want to win and the format.  

Follow Me at the places below:

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For an extra chance to win post my Button on your site. +10
Then just comment here and let me know what you did and how many points you have.  
Don't forget to include the following:

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Make sure you check it AFTER you follow. 
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Your email
The link to the site if you posted my button
And last What Book You Want. 

Its an ongoing contest so Get All Of Your Friends To Join!!
Points are added at the end of each month.