January 21, 2016

#BookTalks #Discussion with @WitchReader @Crossroadreview: Do you do Re-reads

Its time for some discussions!  Ive wanted to start posting things other than just reviews etc.  So I thought this would be a great addition to the site!  I hope you agree.  So this week were talking about Re-reads!  

In the past few weeks ive seen a lot going around on social media about re-reads.  So lets book talk it up.  Do any of you re-read books?  For me I tend to re-read titles in series when the new book comes out.  I read so much I tend not to remember a lot of what happens.  So its sometimes like reading the book for the first time.  At one time I used to read the Twilight series every year.  That in recent years has not happened.

Twilight has to be the one series that Ive re-read the most our of all the books I own.
The number one series Ive hear everyone talking about re-reading is of course Harry Potter.  Esp. with the recent death of the actor who played Snape.

So why do I re-read well for the reviewer side its the only way for me to continue the series when the next book comes out.  It makes it so I can refresh my memory of all the things that happened.  There are very few series that I don't have to do that with.

On the reader side I love visiting with old friends.  Series and books that I fell in love with enough to keep.  Its a really fun time re-visiting them.

Series Ive re-read! (if you can't see these check your spam blocker or java script)

So do you re-read books?

"All opinions are 100% honest and my own." 

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