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  • #AuthorChat allow authors and readers to come together in the comfort of their own homes! Each video will have no more than 1 author (unless the book is a dual author etc) and will run for 15 minutes. Viewers will be able to ask questions! The author(s) will also be able to share information about their book, writing, reading, and more! 

    How it works?
    • Choose a Date and Time! Dates can be Monday-Saturday Please keep all times via EST.  Keep in mind your time zone.  Show times can be anywhere from 1pm EST to 6pm EST (if you need another time please let us know.) 
    • Log in! Just make sure to be on Instagram 5 minutes before the show! You will receive a pop up to join the show. (You must be following us on Instagram) 
    • Headphones! Headphones are great to have! This cuts down on feedback. (This may not be necessary but it is always good to have them on hand.) 
    • Battery Life:  If you can plug your phone/tablet into a charger it will make sure you don't loose power.  
    • Internet: Please make sure to have a strong connection! 
    • Interview: Videos run for 15 minutes which we can always go past if you have a good turn out. 

    What is required? 
    • Review Copy:  If you would like us to review the title before the show. We will be accepting print copies.  These copies will be used to promote the title on our social media via pictures. As well as a review.  Being able to read the title before the show also allows us to formulate better questions that are not just generalized. 
    • Digital Books Only: If your title is only in digital format please make sure to gift us a copy via Amazon (US Market) or you may send the amount of the title via our paypal and we will purchase it.  
    • Post On Social Media. We ask that you post on social media leading up to your date and time on social media.  Sharing the link to our instagram! *Make sure to tag us so we can also share.*  The more we share the better turn out you will have. 
    • Reply to comments. Please reply to as many comments as you can after the show ends. Some people might be watching it after it ended and will still be asking questions. We ask that you take the time to check the video at least during your month as to keep the momentum going. 
    • Host a Giveaway. If you would like to host a giveaway please let us know. The giveaway can be pretty much anything. The sky is the limit.  If you do not wish to deal with shipping as we understand that authors get busy.  You can send us the items and we will deal with shipping. 

    Giveaway Ideas
    During and after the video you have the option to offer a giveaway.  You can pretty much giveaway anything you want. From a book in print, audio, or even an ebook.  (Note to ebooks: We do ask that you get these copies from a store vs. giving out files)  Swag is an awesome thing to send if you want to do a smaller giveaway.  Swag consists of bookmarks, buttons, stickers, signed bookplates, etc. 

    If you would like to host a larger giveaway the Kindle Fire is always a good choice. It is inexpensive but packs a punch for the winner.  You could even include an ecopy of your book with it or a gift card. 

     Are you to busy to host it?  Don't worry we can do all the leg work for you!  You just send us the money via Paypal and we will buy the Kindle and have it sent directly to the winner. And gift them the book. So you don't have to worry about anything! 

    Want to go even bigger? Why not try Paypal Cash! Pretty much the sky is the limit when it comes to giveaways! You can go as big or as small as you want!  And we can do all the work for you! 

    Want to sign up send me an email Subject #AuthorChat ! admin@crossroadreviews.com

    Click the links below to watch past shows as well as set reminders for upcoming shows!  
    All shows are in EST. 


    Jennie Liu author of Girls on the Line Click Here
    Erin Summerill author of Ever the Hunted Click Here
    Heather Demetrios author and Editor of Dear Heartbreak Click Here
    Debbie Zaken author of Colliding Skies Click Here
    Stephanie Kate Strohm author of Love A La Mode Click Here
    Brenda Drake author of Analiese Rising Click Here
    Sarah Porter author of Never-Contented Things Click Here
    Megan Bannen author of The Bird and the Blade Click Here
    Rosalyn Eves author of Blood Rose Rebellion Click Here
    Sara Snider author of Hazel and Holly Click Here
    Emily R. King author of Before the Broken Star Click Here
    Caroline Flarity author of The Ghost Hunter's Daughter Click Here
    Heather Fawcett author of Even the Darkest Stars Click Here
    Laurie Forest author of The Black Witch Chronicles Click Here
    Natalie Murray author of Emmie and the Tudor King Click Here
    Mara Rutherford author of Crown of Coral and Pearl Click Here
    Amber Duell author of Dream Keeper Click Here
    Laura Namey author of The Library of Lost Things Click Here
    Nancy Richardson Fischer author of The Speed of Falling Objects (Tape Had No Volume)
    Jacqueline Firkins author of Hearts, Strings, and Other Breakable Things Click Here
    AK Faulkner author of Jack of Thorns Click Here


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