Hey, readers and welcome to The Book Addicts book club! The Book Addicts Book Club reads, discusses, and are addicts to all things books! We welcome anyone from anywhere to join and since we are online exclusively you can be pretty much anywhere in the world.

We will feature one title each month and hopefully be able to chat with the author as well.

We love reading and hope you do too!

To join us click the link below to be taken to Facebook!

Click Here

This group is for the Shadowhunter fan! We will be doing SO many things in this group! Join now! 


Karen Maldonado said...

:( I wish I lived near. My book club only has 3 members, including me.

Manni said...

I haven't actively participated in a bookclub for a while... and now the local club I used to visit has gone on summer vacation too. And even then, most were more than a decade older than me, though books they read varied and thus it was interecting to participate.

Jessica Porter said...

Ya I know that feeling.

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