I have wanted to start a book club for some time. 
 And after some thought, I decided to do it two ways. 

This will be via Facebook.
If you would like to join, just click the link above!

Local Bookclub
Are you in Polk County Florida?  I live in Winter Haven. 
This group will meet once a month (maybe more) at the Winter Haven Library. 
Do you want to be able to meet in person? Then this is the group for you.
If you want to join this please drop me an email:, Subject: Book Club

You can also check out the book club on our new site!

The Book Addicts


Karen Maldonado said...

:( I wish I lived near. My book club only has 3 members, including me.

Manni said...

I haven't actively participated in a bookclub for a while... and now the local club I used to visit has gone on summer vacation too. And even then, most were more than a decade older than me, though books they read varied and thus it was interecting to participate.

Jessica Porter said...

Ya I know that feeling.

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