Content Editing & Beta Reading

Thank you for checking out our content editing & Beta Reading services.  Below you will find information about what we offer and what we do.   Don't forget to check out our stats! Click Here

What we do is combine both Beta Reading with Content Editing to give you a more rounded service!  

What is Content Editing? 
Content Editing edit all aspects of content in a story, which include development, gaps in your story, flow/pacing, keeping in mind with your target audience, suggestions to improve style, tone, POV (point of view), word choice, and sentence structure. 

What you get: 

Suggestions to improve the development, gaps in your story, flow/pacing, suggestions to improve style, tone, POV (point of view), word choice, and sentence structure.

Beta Reading of your full manuscript to improve the organization, clarity, flow, and voice to make a stronger more improved title all with keeping in mind your target audience. 

Extensive notes to provide feedback highlighting steps to make your manuscript even better. 

See any parts of your story overall that is not working and where it can be improved. 

Cost: Each page is constant with a normal 8X10 sheet. 

1-10 Pages: $15
11-20 Pages: $25
21-50 Pages: $50
51-100 Pages: $75
101-500 Pages: $150 
501-1000 Pages: $300 
Anything over 1000 Pages $5 will be added for each grouping of 20+ pages. 
Example: if your manuscript is 2000 pages your total cost before the fee would be $550.00  

*a small fee of 2.9% + .30 per transaction. 


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