Get a Free Book

Did you receive our business card with the coloring page on the back? If so you just found the way to get a free book!  All you need to do is the following.

1. Color the back and submit the picture via the Facebook page or on twitter.  Make sure to tag us in it! 

And then do the following: 

1. Follow by Bloglovin - 1 point 

2. Like my Facebook page.  - 1 point each

or if you don't have Facebook follow me on one or more of the following. 

Twitter- @crossroadreview 
Instagram- @crossroadreview 
Pinterest- @crossroadreview 

3. Watch at least three of my shows on my channel and why not subscribe while your there.  - 2 points each video watched and commented

4. Comment on this page - 1 point

Thats it! 

Ok now the points.  For each thing you do above you get 1 point. 

Points never expire so you can keep them going.  

Did you get two or more cards?  Well use them all.  Just do the above and note it on the form. 


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