Help Wanted

We are once again looking for some extra help! The below has been thoroughly updated with the new parameters that we are looking for. 

At this time this is only open to those who live in the US Only.

We're currently looking for 1-3 people
1. You must be able to learn how to create a post. 
2.  You must be able to keep in contact with me weekly at the least. Via Facebook messenger and the group. 
3.  You need to be able to complete at minimum 2 books a month. However, you will have 8 weeks in advance to complete. (you may do more if you like)
5. You must have all posts done in advance (at least 2 weeks before they are due to post) 
6. You must be on Twitter and either Facebook or Instagram posting at least 3 times a day. 

Tour Readers 
What this means is that you only read or listen to books that are via tours.  For this you must be on all social media (instagram, Facebook, Twitter) and post a minimum of 10+ times a week. We need readers who are active in the book community as tour posts need to go out to a larger amount of people.  

Yes, there is a cost. 
There is a sign-up cost, to start. This fee will cover a Kindle that will be signed into our Amazon account. This will give you access to all books downloaded via NetGalley, Edelweiss, and other sites.  As well as other titles we have purchased. 
This Kindle is yours to keep.  The reason we do this is that the Kindle will be locked out for purchases.  (in the event you decide to leave us I can remotely remove the Kindle from our account and the kindle is yours to keep.) 
All site fees are split via all reviewers. This amount will not change! We have set up a flat fee for each month. This fee covers, giveaways, shipping, site fees, etc.  And will be due by the second week of each month via PayPal friends and family (so there is no fee) 

Current costs: 
To Start: $100.00 to start this will cover the cost Kindle that will be logged in to our account and shipped to you. 

Monthly: $50 total this covers shipping, covers the cost of buying prizes, site costs (pic monkey, etc. ), etc. This amount will be split evenly among all reviewers.

Although we accept books in Audio, eBook, and Print formats.  You will have the choice each month on the books you review.  Each book will have a deadline. So please make sure you keep that in mind when you request the titles. If you choose a print book, you will need to cover shipping books to you via flat rate.

You will get to work with bookish people, publishers, etc.
You will be able to use the site name to obtain review copies on your own.
You will get to make friends in the bookish community.
You will also have the chance to get ARC's and other books before they are released.  (however, this should not be the only reason to join.)

If you would like to join or get more information, please email me with the following: (

1. Name
2. Email
3. Social Media Links (Facebook, Twitter at least)
4. Short Bio
5. Age
6. Any other information you think we need to know.


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