Meme Explained

Since its a new year its time for new memes!! We have updated them all and hope that you enjoy the new things we are bringing to the site!! 


Join us on Mondays when we feature one book, author, book blogger, or something else bookish related! 
It's time time to feature some amazing bookstagramers! Each week we will be choosing one picture we think is outstanding and sharing it with you! Make sure to follow those we share! 


First Page Tuesday 
Join us for the first page or chapter of select titles! 

Our Wednesday meme is staying the same but with a little change. Now you will know what we are all reading at the time of the post as well as one book were waiting on and one book we recommend!  
It's the best of all three worlds! 


Thursdays we will not be doing weekly booktags! I hope you all enjoy these! 

Join us for discussion topics! 

Come join us each Friday on site as well as on twitter for some great bookish sales! 

And my weekly poll for what I should read off my TBR!


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