Meme Explained

Well I thought it was time for a change.  Some of these won't be getting posting for a little while.  But we hope you enjoy what does get posted!

Book tube Monday is back and better than ever.  Each week we will feature one lucky video.  This is a great way to help out the newbies to the book tubing world. Want to be featured?  Well just let us know in the comment of one of the posts. 

Join us on Sundays for a sample of the book we currently have.  These will most likely be ARCs of upcoming or Finished copies of books. But it might also be via a finish copy.  Well note which its from.  Please note that if its from an ARC that the finish product might be different.

What are you reading? Come find out what we're reading on Wednesdays and what were waiting for!

Every Thursday we will give you updates about our book clubs! 

When I'm really fangirl over something ill post this instead! 

Join us each Saturday while we share with you some great Shelfies! From our own personal stash to those around us! 

Join us each Sunday while I give you some updates! From books to movies to even some things just going on in my life and around the web! 

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