Meme Explained

Since its a new year its time for new memes!! We have updated them all and hope that you enjoy the new things we are bringing to the site!! 


Join us on Mondays when we share a new video from our channel.  We hope to start making new content every week for you! Have a topic you want us to cover?  Let us know via a comment on any post. 

It's time to feature some amazing bookstagramers! Each week Rachael will be choosing one picture she thinks is outstanding and sharing it with you! Make sure to follow those we share! 

Our Wednesday meme is staying the same but with a little change. Now you will know what we are all reading at the time of the post as well as one book were waiting on and one book we recommend!  
It's the best of all three worlds! 

Join us on Thursdays when we share a little about ourselves. Each week one reviewer will share something about their daily life. From pets to books, school, and maybe even their job! The sky is the limit!  

Join Caity on Fridays as she takes you on some great bookish travels across the globe!  It's always bookish when you travel with her! 

Join Jaiden on Saturdays with some great weekly giveaways while you do some bookish challenges!  Each month is different so it's going to be bookishly epic! 

It's Share A Shelfie this day!  We will be going round robin for this one so make sure to check back each week for a new shelf! 


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