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Thank you for wanting to be apart of our tour hosts!  


Acceptance: Each tour is open to whomever wishes to join it!  So there is no worrying about not being added to a tour.  If you sign up your in!  

Posting:  All post will be simple copy and paste HTML.  We have a no tolerence policy for not posting.  You will have weeks in advance to get your post scheduled.  Eace post will have a set time that it needs to go up.  If you miss a post without notice you will be auto removed from being a host.  Post do not have to be the top post of the day but MUST be one of the top 3 posts.  All posts must contain all content that is sent for the tour. As well as our button and banner! 

Review Tours: If you join a review tour you must post your review to at least one sale site. Also we do not pad our tours.  If you read a book and rate it under 4 stars it will still go live! Unlike other tours where you are requested to just post a promo we do not do that.  All reviews stand on their own. 

Giveaways: If there is a giveaway with the tour it will be posted via Rafflecopter and you will be given a code.  If you can not use this HTML code a link will also be provided.

If you would like to join please send us the following via email:  Email Us

Your name
Site Name
Site Link
Social Media Links (send those you have) 
Twitter Link and Follower Count
Facebook Page Link and Follower Count
Instagram Link and Follower Count

List of all our Tour Hosts: 


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