Share & Review Request

If you have a post you would like us to share please do the following. 

1. Send payment of $20.00 via paypal 


2. Send the post in HTML format to 


3. Make sure to add the following information 

A. Title of book and authors twitter ID.

B.  Date to post

C. Age Group of book 
(Children's, Middle Grade, Teen, New Adult, Adult) 

During the week of your post being posted, we will do the following. 

1. Add your title to the side bar with a buy link to amazon 

2. Share the post via Facebook, Facebook page, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumbler. 

If you have any questions please let us know. 

We are open for AUTO review! 

Welcome and thank you for choosing us to review your book!  

Our Stats: 
Celebrating over 1Million All-Time Views! 

Unique Page Views: 15,000

Average monthly page hits: 34,000

Twitter Followers : 4,000+

GFC Followers: 863 (before close)
Facebook Page: 5000+

Google +: 1400+

Bloglovin' Followers: 300+

Instagram Followers: 800+

Pinterest Followers: 600+

RSS/Email Feed: 1000+

Klout Score: 70

Linkedin: 5000+ connections
Networked Blogs: 300+

We Accept Books From:
We accept books from everyone.  Be it self-published, Indie, and Major publishers.  We do not discriminate. 


Formats We Do Not Accept

 If you send a file it will be deleted. Too many issues have come up with these.  Or books via Smashwords. 

  Reviews and All Other Posts will include:
Title, Book Cover, Book Synopsis from Goodreads, About the Author Info (if found), Rating, Review, Buy Link to Amazon and giveaway if offered.  We will also add the author's Twitter ID so when it cross promotes it will alert them. 

We are happy to add a guest post or interview or any other information that is provided. 

Submitting your book does not guarantee a 5-star review.  All reviews are honest. 

Other Information
Series: We love series, nothing excites us more, however, if you are looking for your series to be read. Wish us to review a book other than book one. We request that you provide the books before the book you wish us to review. Reviews for those books will also be provided. 

Already Released Books: We would be happy to read your already released book. We don't discriminate on age. 

Languages: All books MUST BE IN ENGLISH. 

    Purchasing Your Book:  If you would like us to review your book you must provide it. 


    We now also offer product reviews.  If you have a product you wish us to review please email us at Please note the following information. 

    1. We will use the product for a minimum of 30 days before we review. 

    2. We will not PURCHASE the product it MUST be provided.  

    3. We are a group of 3 adults and 2 kids. (Some of us also have husbands so if its a product geared towards men we can still review) 

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