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Websites, Banners and Buttons! 
We are now creating all of these please email us at 

Subject: Creation 
Item(s) you are looking for 

Ad space is now something we currently offer! Ads are what you create! The sky is the limit! Ads allow our followers to notice you or your title first hand when they visit the site!! We will only be running one of each ad at a time so you will know that it will get the max amount of exposure. 

Banners/Buttons/Book Covers 
Please make sure to supply us with a high res. photo file for all ad space.  This is to ensure that the picture is well seen and not blurry.  

Side Ad Purchase 
This type of add may be any kind of call to action, countdown, a button to your site, etc.  It may include a link that you supply or no link at all. 

Book Cover Ad 
This kind of ad is simply your book cover with a link to a buy site such as Amazon added to the sidebar.  This is great for preorders. 

Banner Ads
Banner Ads go right under our drop down menu and right above the first post on the site.  This ensures that it will be the first thing that is seen when people visit the site.  Your banner will be auto-sized to fit the space.  Banners may have a link provided. 

Cost: All above PR is the same price. 
1 Week $50
1 Month  $125.00

When you are done with your choices please email us at the following email with the following information: 

Ad space wanted: 
Duration of ad space: 
Date to start: 
Anything else you wish us to know: 


Payments: All payments are to be made by Amazon Gift Card.

Refunds: No refunds are given. 

Sponsored Posts: Each post that is paid for will be marked as sponsored via the labels section of the post. It denotes that we have been paid to post.  Social media posts will all have the #Ad on each post. 

Giveaways: If there is a giveaway with your PR and there are no entries there will be no refunds. If the title is in print it will be added to our end of the year giveaway. If it is ebook copies those copies will be added to an end of the month ebook giveaway with other titles. Gift Cards and Cash giveaways will be added to a group pot to be given away at the end of the month.  For all of these, your information will be added as a sponsor. 


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