Featured Authors

Thank you for your interest in being a Featured Author with Crossroad Reviews!  I am so excited that you would like to be on our schedule to share your book and talent with our members.  

How it works?
You will become apart of the page, which means you will be able to post as Crossroad Reviews.  That does mean that I must friend you for the duration of the month.  Then after that, you may unfriend my account.  (its the way Facebook works) 

What is required? 
  • Sending a Print Copy. We require you to send at least 1 print copy which will be used in a giveaway as well as for review to be posted on Crossroad Reviews. 
  • Post during your month. We ask that you post at least 2+ times per week. You have the entire month and you can even schedule posts!
  • Reply to comments. Please reply to as many comments as you can. 
  • Live Video Q and A. We ask that if you are comfortable to please do a live q and a during the end of the month. You may also join our other live show #AuthorChat. 
  • Host a Giveaway. If you can host an on page giveaway that would be great. (This is not required and is separate from the print copy that you send to us) 

What do you get? 
  • 1 Week of Promo Posts, 1 Review, and a Giveaway. These promo posts will be posted to Crossroad Review and can consist of 1 Review, and then any combination of guest posts, interviews, character interviews, playlists etc. As well as the giveaway with the print copy that was sent. (You must provide these posts) 
  • Social Media Blasts. You will get a custom-made banner that will be posted to one account, on the group, and will be shared across all social media.  That will include your Twitter ID and the link to the group. 
  • 1 Full Month of Group Time. You will be able to share anything and everything in the page.

With Crossroad Reviews you have the option to offer and in group giveaway that will run for the duration of the month, you are on. You can pretty much giveaway anything you want. From your book in print, audio, or even ebook.  (Note to ebooks: We do ask that you get these copies from a store vs. giving out files)  Swag is an awesome thing to send if you want to do a smaller giveaway.  Swag consists of bookmarks, buttons, stickers, signed bookplates, etc. 

If you would like to host a larger giveaway the Kindle Fire is always a good choice. It is inexpensive but packs a punch for the winner.  You could even include an ecopy of your book with it or a gift card.  Are you to busy to host it?  Don't worry we can do all the leg work for you!  You just send us the money via Paypal and well buy the Kindle and have it sent directly to the winner. And gift them the book. So you don't have to worry about anything! 

Want to go even bigger? Why not try Paypal Cash! Pretty much the sky is the limit when it comes to giveaways! You can go as big or as small as you want!  And we can do all the work for you! 

Want to sign up?
Email me at Jessica@crossroadreviews.com with the following information: 

Title of your book with a link to Goodreads or Amazon. 
What Month you would like to come on. 
If you would like to host a giveaway what would you like to giveaway and for how many people? 


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