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#BookReview: The Guest by @baparisauthor

Synopsis: New York Times bestselling author B. A. Paris captivated psychological thriller readers everywhere with Behind Closed Doors. Now she invites you into another home full of heart-pounding secrets, in The Guest

Some secrets never leave.

Iris and Gabriel have just arrived home from a make-or-break holiday. But a shock awaits them. One of their closest friends, Laure, is in their house. The atmosphere quickly becomes tense as she oversteps again and sleeping in their bed, wearing Iris' clothes, even rearranging the furniture. 

Laure has walked out on her husband—and their good friend—Pierre, over his confession of an affair and a secret child. Iris and Gabriel want to be supportive of their friends, but as Laure's mood becomes increasingly unpredictable, her presence takes its toll. 

Iris and Gabriel's only respite comes in the form of a couple new to town. But with them comes their gardener, who has a checkered past. Soon, secrets from all their pasts will unravel, some more dangerous than they could have known.

#BookTour: A Bond of Fate by Stephanie Duley @RRBookTours1

A Bond of Fate - Cover

A Bond of Fate 
  Publication Date: March 23, 2024 
  Genre: YA Fantasy 
 🗣️Witty Banter 💕Fated Mates 🥨Plot Twists 🐺Fey, Werewolves, & Vampires 🥰Love Triangle 

 "A Bond of Fate" presents a captivating narrative about two destined young mates in a world where supernatural beings coexist with humans. The tale follows the incredible journey of Evelyn Latham, a strong and self-reliant young woman, and Liam O’Leary, a compelling and resilient young man. One fateful night, Evie and Liam's paths cross, revealing an ancient prophecy that designates them as the world's saviors. 

Unaware of a looming malevolent threat rising from Hell, endangering both humans and supernatural beings, they embark on a dangerous quest guided by destiny. Together, they seek to unravel their origins, unlock their latent powers, and confront the encroaching darkness. As their bond strengthens, Evie and Liam navigate through the challenging landscapes of the Fey lands, facing formidable foes and battling their inner demons. To restore balance to the realms, they must embrace their true selves, wield their unique abilities, and confront the impending darkness. 

  This enchanting story blends romance, fantasy, and adventure, delving into themes of love, sacrifice, and the timeless clash between good and evil. Will Evie and Liam fulfill their destined roles, triumph over evil, and bring light to the world, or will darkness prevail, casting the realm into eternal gloom? 

Monday, April 22, 2024

#BookReview: Corrupt (Devil's Night #1) by @PenDouglas @lexilikestoread @BerkleyRomance

Synopsis: Dreams might be a heart’s desire, but nightmares are its obsession in the first novel of a dark romance series from New York Times bestselling author Penelope Douglas.
Erika Fane’s boyfriend's older brother is handsome, strong, and completely terrifying. The star of his college's basketball team gone pro, he's more concerned with the dirt on his shoe than he is with her. But she saw him. She heard him. The things that he did, and the deeds that he hid...
For years, Erika bit her nails, unable to look away. Now, she’s in college, but she hasn’t stopped watching him. He’s bad and the things she’s seen aren’t content to stay in her head anymore.
Because he's finally noticed her.
But Michael Crist knows the hold he has on Rika, how much she fears him. She looks down when he enters the room and stills when he’s close. He knows she thinks only of him. When Michael’s brother leaves for the military, leaving Rika alone and unprotected, he knows the opportunity is too good to be true. 

Three years ago she put Michael’s friends in prison, and now they’re free.  

Every last one of her nightmares is about to come true.

#ReleaseBlitz: Beyond Stonebridge by @LindaGriffinA @RABTBookTours #Giveaway


Ghost Story Romance

Date Published: 04-22-2024

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press


In this sequel to Stonebridge, it is 1959, and Rynna Wyatt's abusive husband Jason has fallen to his death after a fight with his bookish, disabled cousin Ted Demeray. The police would like to know exactly what happened, but Ted and Rynna can't tell the whole truth. Jason's death doesn't end his relationship with them either. Rynna is pregnant with his child and traumatized by his abuse. She and Ted leave Stonebridge Manor to start a new life in Brenford, where Ted teaches geology at the university, but Jason's restless spirit follows them and continues to haunt Rynna's dreams. He wants her back. He wants revenge. And he wants his son. Can Ted and Rynna find a way to oppose his claims and finally put him to rest?

#BookReview: Make Mine a Marquess (Daring Ladies #3) by @TinaGabrielle @entangledpub

Synopsis: He lost everything. Now he’s come to take it all back—along with her—in this entrancing romance that’s ideal for fans of Sophie Jordan and Eloisa James.

Everyone thought that the Marquess of Landon was lost at sea. Instead, Robert Kirkian defied all the odds and survived. Now he’s returned to London to reclaim his title, his property, and his lands from the foul snake who tried to have him killed: his own cousin. But proper vengeance requires patience—and the perfect weapon. Which is precisely when Robert meets his cousin’s charmingly spirited betrothed…

Miss Phoebe Dawson is everything an ambitious gentleman could desire in a wife. Wealthy, exceedingly lovely, and with a sparkle in her blue eyes that could entice even the most reluctant suitor. But Phoebe’s come too close to ruin—the humiliation of it!—to be fooled by yet another handsome face and silken words . But oh, how he makes her feel. So flustered, so flushed…and so thrillingly alive.

Phoebe knows that love is a fool’s game, even if the Marquess does play his hand like an expert. Her reputation can nary afford the tiniest spark of scandal, let alone those slow, deep kisses that leave her breathless. But she’s about to discover the only thing more dangerous than a rogue is a wronged man hellbent on revenge…

#ReleaseBlitz for Claimed by the Bikers by @landisnikkiauth and @GiveMeBooksPR

Title: Claimed by the Bikers
Series: Feral Rebels MC #1
Author: Nikki Landis
Genres: MC Romantic Suspense/Dark Romance
Tropes: Why Choose/Reverse Harem, Kidnapping
Forced Proximity, MMMF, Revenge
Release Date: April 19, 2024


The worst secrets are the ones you can never tell.

I've become an expert at hiding bruises.
No one knows about the scars I hide under my clothes ... except for my best friend, Embry.
One horrible night, things go too far, and Embry insists on sending her cousin to help.
A wild, inked, bad boy and member of a notorious biker club.
I didn't count on him riding to my house with two of his MC brothers.
The three overbearing, possessive outlaws won't take no for an answer when I refuse.

Slash, Embry's cousin and my secret crush. I never told him how I felt. He's a reckless, dangerous, brooding giant who growls every word. He's rumored to have earned his road name through his ruthless skill with a blade.

Gunner, the trio's older, more experienced alpha, insists on keeping his distance and barking orders. But the look in those stormy gray eyes betrays his struggle, especially when they flash with heat and raze my body with their smolder.

And then there's Havoc, a pierced, tattooed playboy with lean muscle and coiled strength. He's left a mile-long line of broken hearts in his wake. But when his dark eyes focus on me, I swear he's plotting how to maim everyone who's ever hurt me.

The three bikers swear to keep me safe.
They won't rest until the threat against me is eliminated.
But they didn't know what they'd dig up. Lies, corruption, and a trafficking ring are only the beginning.
My father's debts and horrifying choices reveal truths I can't escape.
The only way I'm surviving this mess is to trust the Feral Rebels MC.
And let Slash, Gunner, and Havoc claim me.

This book has a brief crossover with the Tonopah and Las Vegas, NV Chapters of the Royal Bastards MC. If you read Hell on Wheels, this is Molly's story.

CLAIMED BY THE BIKERS is a motorcycle club romance where the girl gets all the bad boys and doesn't have to choose between them to get her happy ever after. It's book 1 in the FERAL REBELS MC that consists of standalone romances with ongoing plotlines and interconnecting characters. There's violence, biker slang, kidnapping, forced proximity, a taboo romance, and possessive, protective alpha outlaws who fall first.

#BookReview: Forging Silver into Stars (Forging Silver into Stars #1) by @BrigidKemmerer

Synopsis: Forbidden magic. Secret romance. Dangerous alliances. Enter the world of New York Times bestselling author Brigid Kemmerer's electrifying series.

When nineteen-year-old Tycho, the King's Courier, arrives in the remote village of Briarlock, he hopes to escape the demands of his new life in the royal court, where magic reigns for the first time in ages. He doesn't expect to fall for a handsome blacksmith with a bruised heart.

After years of cruelty in his father's forge, Jax never dared to dream of a better life -- until a magic-wielding young lord shows him an enticing alternative. But when rumors of a rebellion reach Briarlock, Jax wonders who he can trust -- and if he'll even survive.

Jax's best friend, Callyn, doesn't trust anyone -- especially not a handsome stranger with magic, which killed her parents years ago. When another royal emissary arrives, seeing a co-conspirator, Callyn finds herself embroiled in a plot that could lead them all to ruin. . .

As tensions flare throughout the kingdom, it won't be long before everyone must choose a side.

War is brewing. Passions are building. And magic may doom -- or save -- them all . . .