June 05, 2023

#BookBlitz: Becoming an Artist by William Nichols @RABTBookTours


Insights and Advice for Artists and Viewers of Art

Art, Self-Help

Date Published: March 2023

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Are you an aspiring artist looking to unlock the secrets of creativity and success?

Look no further than Becoming an Artist: Insights and Advice for Artists and Viewers of Art.

In this captivating and honest book, author and artist William Nichols draws on over six decades of experience in the art world to provide readers with practical tips and honest insights on how to navigate the often-challenging path to success.

From discussing the abilities and traits that lead to success, to exploring how art creates meaning through experience, this book offers a comprehensive and accessible guide to the world of art. Whether you're an artist looking to hone your craft or a viewer hoping to gain a deeper appreciation for the art you love, Becoming an Artist is an essential read.

Discover the path to success in the art world with this captivating guide.

#BookReview: Immortality (The Anatomy Duology #2) by @DanaSchwartzzz @WednesdayBooks

Synopsis: Hazel Sinnett is alone and half convinced the events of the year before—the immortality, Beecham’s vial—were a figment of her imagination. She doesn’t even know if Jack is alive or dead. All she can really do now is treat patients and maintain Hawthornden Castle as it starts to decay around her.

When saving a life leads to her arrest, Hazel seems doomed to rot in prison until a message intervenes: Hazel has been specifically requested to be the personal physician of Princess Charlotte, the sickly granddaughter of King George III. Soon Hazel is dragged into the glamour and romance of a court where everyone has something to hide, especially the enigmatic, brilliant members of a social club known as the Companions to the Death. 

As Hazel’s work entangles her more and more with the British court, she realizes that her own future as a surgeon isn't the only thing at stake for her. Malicious forces are at work in the monarchy, and Hazel may be the only one capable of setting things right.

The Last She #2 The Last City @hjnelson @WattpadBooks

Synopsis: The highly anticipated sequel to The Last She, which Goodreads has included in its Most Anticipated Young Adult Novels of December 2021

“Go back to the beginning, Ara. I made a mistake. It’s not too late.” 

These words from her father have driven Ara forward and have given her the will to live. And they eventually helped her to find Kayden, giving him hope that if there isn’t a way out of this plague-ridden world, at least there might be an explanation for why it all happened in the first place.

Together they set out on an epic quest to do just that—go back to the beginning. To go home, to finally uncover what happened to Ara’s family. Kayden wants that more than anything for her, and he’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen—even if it means leaving everything else behind, even his brother, Sam.

Except once they arrive, nothing is as they expect. There are no answers, only more questions. And soon they’re trapped in an underground civilization where they discover that secrets lie deeper than the city. The truth that surfaces rocks Ara to her core, and almost costs Kayden his life.

Left for dead, Sam surfaces only to get captured by a mysterious stranger—a haunting young woman with deep blue eyes who quickly becomes the key to the answers they seek—even if he doesn’t quite know it yet.

Set immediately after the events of The Last She, H.J. Nelson’s The Last City is a gripping story of three people desperate to survive against all odds, and realizing that love is the only thing worth living for.

#ReleaseBlitz for It Had to be You by @TracyKSolheim and @GiveMeBooksPR #Giveaway ($25 Amazon gift card)

Title: It Had to be You
Series: Chances Inlet #4
Author: Tracy Solheim
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Tropes: Sports/Small Town/Nanny/Forced Proximity
Release Date: June 5, 2023


It’s hard to keep a big secret in a small town . . .

When Paige Hollister discovers her “Mr. Right” already has a “Mrs. Right,” she swears off men forever. Even more humiliating, she suddenly finds herself labeled the other woman and out of the teaching job she loves. So Paige does what every unemployed single woman staring thirty in the face does: She hightails it to the beach. Bad luck like hers is hard to outrun, however. Her getaway is stalled when her car breaks down in a small-town chock full of meddling, nosy residents. The worst of them being the local sheriff—none other than her estranged father.

Finally on top of the golf world, Tanner Gillette is poised to show everyone he’s not just an entitled playboy coasting through tournaments on his pedigree. That is until his life is turned upside down by a little girl who shows up on his doorstep with a birth certificate inexplicably bearing his name. Complicating matters more, the kid isn’t talking. When the stress of caring for a child whose mother is AWOL gives Tanner a bad case of the yips, he’s forced to enlist help from the one person in town who can’t wait to leave.

Sticking around Chances Inlet and her father’s shiny new, ├╝ber-successful family isn’t on Paige’s to-do list. Especially when she’d prefer to keep her embarrassing incident under wraps. Yet she can’t walk away from the troubled little girl. Or the sexy Australian golfer who just might make her want to take a chance on trusting her heart again.

#BookBlitz: This Will Hurt II by @CaraDeeWrites @XpressoTours $15 Amazon gift card

This Will Hurt II
Cara Dee
(June 2nd 2023)
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, LGBTQ+, Romance

Part II of II Angst Awakening Friends to Lovers Family

Buckle in. Roe and Jake have mountains to climb, walls to tear down, and countless private moments to bring them even closer in this final part of their journey.

The ground beneath me had finally settled. I was content. I was all right. I could move forward and live with my choices.

Then I found Jake’s damn journal from… therapy. That was right. My best friend, who defined “man of few words,” was in therapy. The ground started shaking again. I got desperate. I got angry. I…almost lost him on the job when he saved my life.

Nothing was settled anymore.

#BookBlitz: The Art of Husbandry by Jay Hogan @XpressoTours $25 Amazon gift card

The Art of Husbandry
Jay Hogan
(June 1st 2023)
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, LGBTQ+, Romance

When life drowns you in lemons, to hell with making lemonade. I wanted to burn the whole world. But eighteen months from the day my life was torn apart, I’m tired of the anger. Tired of the nightmares. Tired of putting one foot in front of the other just trying to survive.

Three months on a high country sheep station in the middle of nowhere is exactly the reboot I need. A chance to break free. To breathe again. To find a way forward. I put my entire life on hold and head south to Mackenzie Country.

But falling for the captivating young station boss was never part of the plan. Holden Miller might be smart and sexy and push all of my dusty buttons, but we come from two different worlds. I’m not looking for a relationship. I’m not interested in love. I’m done with all that.

But Holden doesn’t care about my rules. Nestled safely in the arms of the spectacular Southern Alps, on an isolated sheep farm at the top of the world, Holden begins knitting my battered heart together one careful stitch at a time. And with every pass of the thread, every braid of the river on our doorstep, I catch a tantalising glimpse of something I’d almost given up on.

Happiness, and maybe even love.

If I have the courage to reach out and grab them.

June 02, 2023

#ReleaseBlitz for Misdeeds of a Billionaire by @EvaWinners and @GiveMeBooksPR

Title: Misdeeds of a Billionaire
Series: Billionaire Kings #2
Author: Eva Winners
Genre: Billionaire Romance
Tropes: Single Mother/Forced Marriage/Mafia Themes
Release Date: June 1, 2023


My one-night stand.
A ruthless bastard.
A heartless billionaire.

The man who ruled his empire with a cold head and an even colder heart. And most importantly, my son’s father. Except, he wasn’t aware of that little fact. To the media, Byron is the Billionaire King. To me, he’s a reminder of the hottest, most forbidden, night of my life. And my biggest mistake.

I hadn’t seen him in years and hoped we’d never cross paths again.

But then, my best-laid plans always seem to go astray. Now, I need his help to bail me out of trouble. He’s a billionaire and I’m just a broke, debt-riddled surgeon.

Against my better judgment, I sought him out. It should have been easy, in and out. Except, nothing with Byron Ashford was ever easy. He refuses to hand out free favors. And the price for his help?

My freedom. Literally.

He wants to shackle me to him with a marriage I don’t want, then throw away the key.

His demands are scandalous. His rules are dangerous for my heart.

It was supposed to be a mutually beneficial deal but nothing about Byron is ever that simple. Once he slips the ring onto my finger, the rules change.

His demands grow. He no longer just wants to own my body. He also wants my heart and soul. But I’m not that young, naive woman anymore.

Too bad this billionaire forgot one thing. Nobody can own your heart unless you give it freely.

#ReleaseBlitz for Sunflowers and Surrender by LM Fox @GiveMeBooksPR

Title: Sunflowers and Surrender
A Wild Blooms Series Standalone
Author: LM Fox
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Tropes: Forbidden/Brother's Best Friend
Release Date: June 1, 2023



Each day I long for the forbidden.
Dreams like seeds planted in poor soil.

My future has been sown since I was young, and now the man I’ve fallen for is off-limits.
Not that he'd give me the time of day.

My brother's best friend puts out fires by day, and ignites unfamiliar feelings by night.
How do I pluck these desires before they overtake me?

I'm choosing to stay positive. Live joyfully, like a sunflower.

If only someone like Alex could adore me as I do my faithful blossoms.


My life is nearly perfect.
Great job, hot girl, and amazing friends.
So why do I feel off?

I'm not looking for more. And if I was, the last thing I'm allowed to consider is Tuesday Palmer.

If only she hadn't put me under a spell with her bright smile and radiant personality.

But restraint is the name of this game.
I can only look, not touch, this tempting flower.

Even if I'm dying to surrender.

#BookReview: Miss Matched by @Wendy_Million @WattpadBooks

Synopsis: When matchmaking software pairs a woman with her worst ex, she gets a unique second chance to connect with the love of her life.

After years of bad dates, Tayla Murphy has decided it’s finally time she found her ideal partner, so she pays a hefty fee for a cutting-edge “soulmate” matching service. But the infallible algorithm must have a serious glitch, because it pairs her with the one man on Earth she never wants to see Simon―the man who left her heart in pieces when he broke off their engagement six years ago. Tayla would rather cut her losses, but if she’s going to move forward with her life, she needs the money back.

Then Simon shows up on her doorstep, promising Tayla he can get her a refund by showing the service that the match was wrong. But he wants her to really prove they aren’t meant to be―by dating him for the next month. Even though he thinks the service is a fraud, Simon has been desperate for a second chance with Tayla ever since he messed up their shot at happily-ever-after. They still have an amazing connection, but a lot has happened in the time they were apart. So is this a mismatch or a perfect match?

This title will be released on June 13, 2023.

#BookBlitz: The Highlander’s Enchantress by @ViolettaRand @XpressoTours #Giveaway $15 Amazon gift card

The Highlander’s Enchantress
Violetta Rand
Published by: Entangled: Amara
Publication date: May 29th 2023
Genres: Adult, Historical, Romance

If her cruel and domineering father were to be believed, Kali Bane is the worst of women. Defiant. Independent. Were it not for her beloved younger sisters, she would have sought her freedom long ago. When she refuses to wed an old, wine-soaked English lord, her father bans her to the McKay clan in the Highlands, warning them that she’s a witch.

There is no welcome at the McKay castle—only an aging laird prone to fits of temper who believes that Kali is, in fact, a witch. A sorceress. Here she is little more than a hostage, kept from sight from almost all but Adam McKay, the laird’s son, whose hypnotic green eyes make her long for something forbidden. It’s almost enough to make her abandon all thoughts of escape.

Kali is the only one who can protect her sisters from their father’s greedy machinations. But the longer she remains imprisoned in the McKay tower, the more Kali and Adam realize there are other forces at play. They’re both pieces in a silent, terrible game that could destroy everyone they’ve ever loved…including each other.

#ReleaseBlitz for The Goddess by Lindsay Murray @GiveMeBooksPR

Title: The Goddess
Series: AnchorX
Author: Lindsay Murray
Genre: BDSM Romance
Tropes: Reverse Age Gap/Fendom
Release Date: May 29, 2023


I met a wicked older woman with seductive, amber eyes, lips that could kill a man, and a voice that brings me to my knees.

And she wants to play with me.

I know it’s nothing serious. I’m just a way to pass the time. I’m her entertainment, a fun indulgence. But she’s hot, and kinky, and experienced, and I can’t resist her. She gets off on my torture. She teases and scolds, rewards and punishes.

But as her demands become more intense, and her punishment becomes more severe, I start to love her. And hate her.

Because I don’t know if I can ever please her… but I don’t think I can live without her.

The Goddess is a standalone, reverse age-gap, femdom romance. Characters are polyamorous and have multiple partners outside of their relationship. This story takes place within the AnchorX world, and can be read as a standalone. See author’s website for detailed content warnings.

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