July 07, 2018

June Picks: #TheBookAddicts @allison_pang | #WinterHavenYABC @MorganRhodesYA @WinterHavenLib | #TampaYABC @RinChupeco

This month we have some amazing titles for you guys to check out and no matter if you are local, online around the world, or a few city or states away!  We have the book club for you!! You can choose from the following!  The Book Addicts which is an online facebook group where you can chat monthly with 1 or 2 authors. Ask questions and get answers to your burning questions.  The next one is the Winter Haven YABC this book club is via the Winter Haven Public Library and is open to all ages. We read nothing but young adult titles and then chat about them once a month. The last option we have for you is the Tampa YABC this is another bookclub that is open to all ages. We will be reading mostly YA but sometimes there will be a book that is New Adult tossed in there as well. All ages are welcome and we meet in Tampa once a month in the morning.  

So there is always something for everyone! So don't waste time and come check us out! 

June 21, 2018

#CoverReveal: LIBRARY OF ABSOLUTION @BluEyedReindeer

Alarick Brandon is the powerful wizard who operates The Keep, a refuge for magical people fleeing the persecution of the Ministry.A bitter realist, Alarick knows it's only a matter of time until the Ministry succeeds in eradicating magic from the world—and exterminating all magical beings—so he has been careful to avoid any personal involvement with the people who pass through his sanctuary.
But when Elissa Stone arrives at The Keep, her village a smoldering ruin and only her magical talent and a forbidden library left to her name, Alarick's ordered world descends into chaos.
Elissa is a Book Mesmer, a magical talent long believed extinct. She can enchant books, making them indestructible, unreadable…even deadly to unauthorized readers. But while her magic can secure a legacy for future magical generations, it's not a skill that's good in a fight, and certainly not one Alarick sees any real use for. But there's something compelling about a woman who defies the Ministry's edicts against female literacy, and she seems determined to prove that knowledge is a weapon in its own right…
The first installment in an enticing new fantasy series by author Jennifer Derrick, Library of Absolution is a compelling story of perseverance and determination in the face of persecution, in a Dark Age where hope is lost—and knowledge is the only thing left to fight for.

#BookTour: Dive Smack by @demetrabrodsky #Giveaway @JeanBookNerd

About the Book:


Theo Mackey only remembers one thing for certain about the fire that destroyed his home: he lit the match.

Sure, it was an accident. But the blaze killed his mom and set his dad on a path to self-destruction. 

Everything else about that fateful night is full of gaping holes in Theo’s mind, for good reason. 

Maybe it’s better that way. 

As captain of the Ellis Hollow Diving Team, with straight A's and solid friends, he's only one semester away from securing a scholarship, and leaving his past behind.

But when a family history project gets assigned at school, new memories come rushing to the surface, memories that make him question what he really knows about his family, the night of the fire, and if he can trust anyone—including himself.

Goodreads | Amazon 

#BookBlitz: Tribal Affairs by Matt Dallmann #Giveaway

Date Published: 07/31/17

Dahlia, a centuries old genie, lies hopelessly trapped in a damaged golden locket charm attached to an ankle bracelet. Its owner, sixteen-year-old Liana, wears it for the first time during her father Jamison’s opening night illusion spectacular. Not only does its presence cause Jamison to folly his performance, but it also starts a chain of bizarre events that lead to a showdown with Dahlia’s mortal enemy, Stefan, and an unsuspecting romance between Liana and his son.

June 20, 2018

#WOW with @alexbracken @CaitSangster

This week for WOW we have some picks from Jessica!!  By the time this posts we will be getting ready for our trip to New Orleans.  I still can't believe this is happening!! I was not counting on being able to go to any events this year and now I not only get to go to ALA but I get a day and a half to look around town!! 

#NerdBlast: THE GIRL WITH MORE THAN ONE HEART by @LauraGeringer @JeanBookNerd #Giveaway

About the Book:
There are times we all feel we need more than one heart to get through. 

When Briana’s father dies, she imagines she has a new heart growing inside her. 

It speaks to her in her Dad’s voice. Some of its commands are mysterious. 
Find Her!  it says. Be Your Own!  
How can Briana “be her own” when her grieving mother needs her to take care of her demanding little brother all the time? 

When all her grandpa can do is tell stories instead of being the “rock" she needs? When her not-so-normal home life leaves no time to pursue her dream of writing for the school literary magazine? 

When the first blush of a new romance threatens to be nipped in the bud? Forced by the loss of her favorite parent to see all that was once familiar with new eyes, Briana draws on her own imagination, originality, and tender loving heart to discover a surprising path through the storm.  

Goodreads | Amazon

#BookTour: Trazer (Kids of Stolen Tomorrow) by Joseph O. Adegboyega Edun @YorubaBoy

Young Adult Sci-fi
Date Published: 10/18/17
Publisher: YorubaBoy Books

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

It's the year 93 O.O., and Dara Adeleye is a student with a bright future and her life figured out. That is, until a chance encounter with a mysterious child changes everything.

Dara lives in a world shaped by the Miracle of Elegua, an intervention by the gods in the fate of an Earth on the brink of collapse decades before she was born. Exceptionally gifted as an artist, her day-to-day attentions are on excelling in school in order to rise above her lower-class upbringing and raise her friends and family out of the dreaded red vanes. But Earth is headed towards the brink again and it may just be the gift she doesn't know she has that can save it . . .

Kristano Arvelo is a trazer--the term used for the graffiti writers of Dara's time, a once-slang that originated in her home town of Todirb Wall. The aimless leader of a local group of trazers, he may hold a key to unlocking Dara's hidden gifts. But it will come at the cost of the destiny she believed was hers.

#BookBlitz: The Palm Reader by Christopher Bowron @notlrealty

 photo The Palm Reader_zpskde9lwp8.jpg
A Jackson Walker Thriller
Thriller, Suspense
Publisher: Koehler Books
Release Date: June 20, 2018

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

Jackson Walker once again faces his demons in this haunting sequel to Devil in the Grass.

Now working as an investigative lawyer for Peter Robertson, Jack teams with Janie Callaghan to solve the disappearance of a sleazy client specializing in taboo pornography. Meanwhile the evil head of the Church of Satan weaves an intricate web to lure Walker as the sacrificial lamb in an Everglades Black Mass ritual.

June 19, 2018

#BookstagramFeature with @clairelegrand and @Crossroadreview

Welcome to this weeks post for Bookstagram Feature! This week its all about travel and amazing books! Tomorrow starts our trip to New Orleans and ALAAC18!  Were going to have a blast I just know it! We get to have a day and a half just visiting New Orleans and then its two and a half days of books books and yup books! So this week I wanted to share a book that I just finished called Furyborn.  This was one amazing book I thought it was going to be weird becuase it jumps around in time but the author did an amazing job with it! If its not on your TBR it should be. 

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