July 27, 2017

#BookReview: Shadow Fall (Shadow Fall, #1) by @AudreyGreyBooks @BlazePub @Netgalley

The asteroid hurtling toward the earth will kill billions.

The Emperor and his Gold Court will be safe in their space station, watching from the stars. The Silvers will be protected underground. But the Bronzes must fight it out at the Shadow Trials for the few remaining spots left on the space station.

When an enigmatic benefactor hands Maia Graystone a spot in the Trials, she won’t just get a chance at salvation for her and her baby brother, Max: She gets to confront the mother who abandoned her in prison, the mad Emperor who murdered her father, and the Gold prince who once loved her. But it’s the dark bastard prince she’s partnered with that will make her question everything, including her own heart. With the asteroid racing closer every day, Maia must trust someone to survive. 

The question is who?

#BookReview: Bookishly Ever After (Ever After, #1) by @Emberchyld @SpencerHillP ‏@Netgalley

In a perfect world, sixteen-year-old Phoebe Martins’ life would be a book. Preferably a YA novel with magic and a hot paranormal love interest. Unfortunately, her life probably wouldn’t even qualify for a quiet contemporary. 

But when Phoebe finds out that Dev, the hottest guy in the clarinet section, might actually have a crush on her, she turns to her favorite books for advice. Phoebe overhauls her personality to become as awesome as her favorite heroines and win Dev’s heart. But if her plan fails, can she go back to her happy world of fictional boys after falling for the real thing?

#BookTour: Graveyard Shift by @MichaelHaspil @JeanBookNerd @TorBooks #Giveaway

Police procedurals go supernatural in this gritty urban fantasy debut 

Alex Menkaure, former pharaoh and mummy, and his vampire partner, Marcus, who was born in ancient Rome, once hunted evil vampires for UMBRA, a super-secret unit of the NSA. That was before the discovery of a blood substitute and a Supreme Court ruling allowed thousands of vampires to integrate into society.

Now, Alex and Marcus are vice cops in a special police unit. They fight to keep the streets safe from criminal vampires, shape-shifters, blood-dealers, and anti-vampire vigilantes.

When someone starts poisoning the artificial blood, race relations between vampires and humans deteriorate to the brink of anarchy. While the city threatens to tear itself apart, Alex and Marcus must form an unnatural alliance with a vigilante gang and a shape-shifter woman in a desperate battle against an ancient vampire conspiracy.

If they succeed, they'll be pariahs, hunted by everyone. If they fail, the result will be a race-war bloodierthan any the world has ever seen.

Gritty urban fantasy and hard-boiled noir packed into a hand grenade of awesome! Mario Acevedo, author of Werewolf Smackdown

July 26, 2017

#BookReaders Wanted!

Over the course of last year, I attempted to try and find a few people who wanted to dip their toes into reviewing.  I did find a few people but due to life, school, and kids. They no longer had the time to review.  So I am again opening up this form to try and find a few people who would like to review.  Please, only serious applicants only. 

At this time this is only open to those who live in the US 

We're currently looking for 1-3 people
1. You must be able to learn how to create a post. 
2.  You must be able to keep in contact with me weekly at the least. Via Facebook messenger and the group. 
3.  You need to be able to complete at minimum 4 books a month. However, you will have 2 months in advance to complete. 
4. During your week you must be able to do all posts. This will include at least 2 reviews and 1 meme post a day. (2 days total) 
5. You must have all posts done in advance (at least 2 weeks before they are due to post) 
Yes, there is a cost. 
There is a sign-up cost, to start. This cost will cover a Kindle that will be signed into our Amazon account. This will give you access to all books downloaded via NetGalley, Edelweiss, and other sites. 
This Kindle is yours to keep.  The reason we do this is that the Kindle will be locked out for purchases.  (in the event you decide to leave us I can remotely remove the Kindle from our account) 
All site fees are split via all reviewers. This amount will not change! We have set up a flat fee for each month. This fee covers, giveaways, shipping, etc.  And will be due by the second week of each month via PayPal friends and family (so there is no fee) 

We accept books in Audio, eBook, and Print formats.  You will have the choice each month on the books you review.  Each book will have a deadline. So please make sure you keep that in mind when you request the titles.


You will get to work with bookish people, publishers, etc.
You will be able to use the site name to obtain review copies on your own.
You will get to make friends in the bookish community.
You will also have the chance to get ARC's and other books before they are released.  (however, this should not be the only reason to join.)


If you would like to join or get more information please email me with the following: (Jessica@crossroadreviews.com)

1. Name
2. Email
3. Social Media Links (Facebook, Twitter at least)
4. Short Bio
5. Age
6. Any other information you think we need to know.

#WOW with @marytaranta & @JLArmentrout

So what are you reading this week?  For me I'm reading two books that are out soon and man I can't wait to share them with you. Let us know what your reading in the comments below. 

#BookReview: Sleeper by @smudged_ink @Netgalley

As if surviving high school wasn’t hard enough, Sarah Reyes suffers from REM Sleep Behavior Disorder, a parasomnia that causes her to physically act out her dreams. When she almost snaps her friend’s neck at a sleepover, Sarah and her nocturnal habits are thrust into the spotlight and she becomes a social pariah, complete with public humiliation.

When an experimental drug comes onto the market that promises nighttime normalcy, Sarah agrees to participate in the trial. At first, she seems to be cured. Then the side effects kick in. Why does a guy from her nightmare show up at school? Are the eerily similar dreams she’s sharing with her classmates’ coincidence or of her making? Is she losing her mind or does this drug offer way more than sleep?

#BookReview: Select (Untitled #1) by Marit Wiesenberg

Coming from a race of highly-evolved humans, Julia Jaynes has the perfect life. The perfect family. The perfect destiny. But there’s something rotten beneath the surface—dangerous secrets her father is keeping; abilities she was never meant to have; and an elite society of people determined to keep their talents hidden and who care nothing for the rest of humanity. So when Julia accidentally disrupts the Jaynes’ delicate anonymity, she’s banished to the one place meant to make her feel inferior: public high school. 

Julia’s goal is to lay low and blend in. Then she meets him—John Ford, tennis prodigy, all-around good guy. When Julia discovers a knack for reading his mind, and also manipulating his life, school suddenly becomes a temporary escape from the cold grip of her manipulative father. But as Julia’s powers over John grow, so do her feelings. For the first time in her life, Julia begins to develop a sense of self, to question her restrictive upbringing and her family prejudices. She must decide: can a perfect love be worth more than a perfect life?

July 25, 2017

#BookReview: Quinsey Wolfe's Glass Vault (Glass Vault #1) by @Literarydust @Netgalley

Some see it... Some don't...

People in the town of Deer Park, Texas are vanishing. There is a strange museum, known as Quinsey Wolfe's Glass Vault, that appears overnight. Perrie Madeline's best friend and ex-boyfriend are among the missing. Perrie, along with her friend August, go on a pursuit to search for them in the mysterious museum. Could the elusive Quinsey Wolfe’s Glass Vault have anything to do with their disappearances?

A book that intertwines horror elements and retellings, with humor and darkness

#FirstPage with @juliebux & @DelacortePress


Welcome to this week's First Page Tuesday! This week we have the amazing chance to share an excerpt with you of Julie Buxbaum newest title What to Say Next. And we couldn't be happier!  We die hard loved Tell Me Three Things.  The fantastic thing is that this book also releases today!  So check out the sample below then click the link and buy it! 

#BookTour: Arabella and the Battle of Venus (Adventures of Arabella Ashby #2) by @daviddlevine @JeanBookNerd @TorBooks

The thrilling adventures of Arabella Ashby continue in the second book in Hugo-winning author David D. Levine's swashbuckling sci-fi, alt-history series!

The swashbuckling Arabella Ashby is back for brand new adventure in the ongoing story of her life among the stars. 

Arabella’s wedding plans to marry Captain Singh of the Honorable Mars Trading Company are interrupted when her fiancé is captured by the French and sent to a prisoner-of-war camp on swampy Venus. Now, Arabella must find passage to an enemy-controlled planet in the middle of a war, bribe or fight her way past vicious guards, and rescue her Captain.

To do this she must enlist the help of the dashing privateer, Daniel Fox of the Touchstone and build her own clockwork navigational automaton in order to get to Venus before the dread French general, Joseph Fouché, the Executioner of Lyon. 

Once on Venus, Arabella, Singh, and Fox soon discover that Napoleon has designed a secret weapon, one that could subjugate the entire galaxy if they can’t discover a way to stop Fouché, and the entire French army, from completing their emperor’s mandate.

July 24, 2017

#Booktube with @claudiagray and @TheNovl

Were always on the lookout for some interesting videos to show you guys. This week we have one via The Novl and Claudia Gray!  Claudia Gray's Top 5 Movies featuring Artificial Intelligence
  We hope you enjoy it and make sure to subscribe to their channel! 
If you haven't read her newest book Defy the Stars you are really missing out! 

#BookReview: Strange Alchemy by @Gwenda @SwitchPressPub @Netgalley

Gwenda Bond's first book Blackwood has been reimagined and brought back to life with new vision. On Roanoke Island, the legend of the Lost Colony—and the 114 colonists who vanished without a trace more than four hundred years ago—still haunts the town. But that’s just a story told for the tourists.

When 114 people suddenly disappear from the island in present day, it seems history is repeating itself—and an unlikely pair of seventeen-year-olds might be the only hope of bringing the missing back. Miranda Blackwood, a member of one of island’s most infamous families, and Grant Rawling, the sherrif’s son, who has demons and secrets of his own, find themselves at the center of the mystery.

As the unlikely pair works to uncover the secrets of the new Lost Colony, they must dodge everyone from the authorities to long-dead alchemists as they race against time to save their family and friends before they too are gone for good.

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