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Welcome to our list of reviewers!  We hope you enjoy learning more about each person!  

Jessica P. My Reviews

I was born in 1982 (you do the math) and I love reading. I started reading at 19 and then found it again in 2010. Since then I always have a book with me and I can't seem to stop reading everywhere I go. I am the owner of this site and I love sharing my reviews with all of you. I hope that you enjoy this website.  I am currently married with two kids. I also work for a local bookstore. And run an in person and online book club.  
Instagram: @crossroadreview
Twitter: @crossroadreview
All links are under @crossroadreview 

Anarece P.  My Reviews
Florida (@AnnieBookReader
Hello, I am Annie and that is because I am Awesome!!!  I was born in 2010 and I review books for my mom.  I love LGBT books and well It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover is one of my favorites now. I love fantasy and romance and I hope that I get to start Sarah J. Maas books soon. 
Instagram: @anniebookreader
Twitter: @anniebookreader

Caity G.  My Reviews
New York 
I like to read and pretend there’s an order to what I’m reading. Spoiled: there isn’t. I love non fiction the best and anything science fiction and fantasy.  

Jordan R. My Reviews
My name is Jordan and I am in my early 20s and am slowly creating a book collection thanks to Jessica.  Reading is something that I do in my down time and spicy is my go to.  I love that I have found Jessica's bookclub and really enjoy the books we choose.  

Gisselle D. My Reviews
Im a sucker for a great story. My oldest goal in life is to have a library that rivals Belle’s 😍. My love of reading started too early to remember and fantasy quickly became my favorite genre (thanks Harry Potter 😉) because who doesn’t want to escape reality from time to time these days?

Nevaeh B. My Reviews

Unlisted Reviewers 
We have a few reviewers who prefer to be in the shadows and not have their names and identities public. This can be due to their jobs etc.  Currently we have 9 such members.

Please respect their privacy. 


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