Meet the Reviewers

Welcome to our list of reviewers!  We hope you enjoy learning more about each person!  

Jessica P. My Reviews

I was born in 1982 (you do the math) and I love reading. I started reading at 19 and then found it again in 2010. Since then I always have a book with me and I can't seem to stop reading everywhere I go. I am the owner of this site and I love sharing my reviews with all of you. I hope that you enjoy this website.  I am currently married with two kids.
Instagram: @RiseoftheReader
Twitter: @RiseoftheReader

Middle Grade & Young Adult Titles
Hi! My name is Endy. I am 14 years old and I review the middle-grade books for my mom.  I love reading Manga.  My favorite book is The School for Good and Evil and the Dork Diaries.  I only read books in print as I don't have anything to read ebooks on right now.  I will be going into 6th grade and can't wait to meet all the new characters in the books I will be reading. 
Instagram: @EndyOtchia 
Twitter: @EndyOchita

Awesome Annie My Reviews
Florida (@AnarecePorter
Children's & Middle Grade Titles 
Hello, I am Awesome Annie and that is because I am Awesome!!!  I am 8 years old and I review all the kid's books for my mom.  I love books that are colorful and fun.  My reviews will be all videos. So make sure to check them out.  My favorite book is Don't Turn the Page. I don't get to start school for another year which sucks.  But, that just means I get to look at more books. 
Instagram: @AnarecePorter
Twitter: @AnarecePorter

Caity G. My Reviews 
New York 
Caity! She lives in New York and we’ll if you ask me has had the Most AMZING LIFE EVER!! Going in cruises and traveling the world is her motto! Along with her fiancé and a few cats she loves books, cats, travel, food, and general life in NYC. That's her life in a nutshell, presented to you in pictures.
Instagram: @wanderthroughthepages

Kaity C. My Reviews
Hey everyone I am Katie. I’m from Tennessee and I am happily married with two amazing kiddos. I love listening to music and reading in my spare time. I’ll read just about anything but mostly enjoy ya and fantasy. I also love reading in any format and am a sucker for a good audio book!📖. Feel free to add me on my twitter or instagram if you want to talk about bookish things❤️📚.
Instagram: @katieinbookland

Kids Go Reading My Reviews
United States 
Please welcome our group of kids that read and review for the site.  This is a group of kids ranging from reading age to 17 years old.  
Instagram: @KidsGoReading
Current Members are:
Endy 15, Alexis 12, Anarece 8, Christian 7


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