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Hello readers! It is officially time to find some new reviewers.  We have had a few decide that it was time for them to move on and that means we have open space for new readers.  Please take a few minutes and look over what we have to offer you and which kind of reviewer would work for you and your time.  We will attempt to accommodate your time to the fullest and work with you so you can join our team.  

What do reviewers do? 
Our reviewers read books that they have personally as well as book sent to us via publishers, authors, and promotion groups.  We attempt to read books within a set timeline and get them posted within a set schedule.  We ask that you always give us your honest opinions and thoughts on any books you read for us.  We do not auto give 5 star reviews and we value your honest thoughts and opinions above all else.  

How much do I have to read? 
For our team we ask that you read at least two books every month.  If you want to do more thats even better!! Anything to help us fill up the calendar.  

Social Media, Photos, and Posts?
Although it is helpful to have wide spread social media so you can gain followers it is not required.  We do require you to send us photos you have taken of books you read. So we can add those to our social media accounts.  However, if you have social media we can tag you in those posts.  

For your reviews all you need to send us is the title of the book, author, rating, your review, and then the link for that title on Goodreads.  This allows us to create posts easy.   We also require any reviews you send to us not be posted on Goodreads so we are not duplicating it.  So if you use Goodreads you will need to create two separate reviews.  

US or International 
At this time we do require reviewers to be within the states.  This is particularly because shipping costs are very expensive as well as those who decide to go with our kindle option.  I am not even sure if a device from here would work over seas.  

So this is going to vary on which kind of reviewer you choose to be.  Everyone will be responsible for the $10 a month fee to help us cover our email, .com, and shipping costs for giveaways etc.  Unfortunately Google stopped allowing free emails for blogger so we get charged a monthly fee.  The .com is also a cost we must endure.  And then giveaways and the like are of course super fun to host but again it's an extra cost.  

What do you get?
So this is the fun part!! What do you get for being a reviewer.  This is again going to vary on which reviewer you choose to be.  But overall if you choose the Kindle Reviewer you will get access to every single book that I have ever gotten. This includes books that I have purchased and gotten for review.  There at current over 5,000 books listed on my kindle account. You also get access to any print copies that we get. Which get split between all of the reviews. 

 If you choose print only then of course you will not have this option.  You will get a weekly or monthly message (social media as it's easier to send photos that way) to choose which print titles you want to review.  

You will also get a dedicated link on our About Page.  This link can be shared with publishers & authors. So you may have a dedicated place to post your reviews.  You must disclose that the reviews are your own but posts are created by the site.  

You can also request titles that you wish to read and review.  Most of these will be in ebook format. However, you will get priority if any print copies of that book shows up. 

Types of Reviewers: 

Kindle & Print:  $150 Start Up Cost then $30 a Month 
This type of reviewer you will need a kindle which will be covered at the start.  If you have a kindle you can send me than the start cost will be just the monthly fee of $30.  This fee will cover any shipping for books you accept as well as our monthly fees. This kindle will be logged into my account and have a buy lock on it.  (just FYI) If you ever decide you do not want to continue being a reviewer I will remove the kindle from my account remotely. This cost covers the monthly fees as well as access to all of the current 5,000+ books on my account.  

Print Only: $30 a month 
This type of reviewer will only have access to print copies of books we get in the mail.  The cost of this reviewer covers shipping books to them each month.  So no worrying about covering shipping at the drop of a hat.  It also covers the above monthly costs. 

Your Own Books: $20 a month 
This type of reviewer will still have access to request print copies we receive. However they will be responsible for shipping. They will also be responsible to request their own ebooks for review. This type of reviewer does not have access to our accounts. However, as you can see it’s much cheaper. 

Want to sign up?  Just email me at Subject: Reviewers 


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