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Friday, May 24, 2024

#BookReview: Butcher & Blackbird (The Ruinous Love Trilogy #1) by Brynne Weaver @zandoprojects @lexilikestoread

Synopsis: Every serial killer needs a friend. 
Every game must have a winner.

When a chance encounter sparks an unlikely bond between rival murderers Sloane and Rowan, the two find something elusive—the friendship of a like-minded, pitch-black soul. From small town West Virginia to upscale California, from downtown Boston to rural Texas, the two hunters collide in an annual game of blood and suffering, one that pits them against the most dangerous monsters in the country. But as their friendship develops into something more, the restless ghosts left in their wake are only a few steps behind, ready to claim more than just their newfound love. Can Rowan and Sloane dig themselves out of a game of graves? Or have they finally met their match? 

Butcher & Blackbird is the first book in the Ruinous Love Dark Romance trilogy of interconnected stand-alone dark romantic comedies. This dual POV novel ends on a HEA.

#BookReview: The Wife’s Secret by Debra Lynch

Synopsis: Liz Hunter has done something evil.

To avoid prison, Liz flees Oklahoma and lands in an isolated desert town praying her past won’t catch up with her.
But when Liz and her new husband Gavin win the $698 million lottery jackpot her dreams catapult into nightmares.
Being hounded by a shady reporter intent on unearthing her gruesome past is bad enough, but it's her husband she's really worried about.

All that money has gone to Gavin's head. The man she married, who used to be a kind, loving husband has turned into a cheating, manipulative monster.
But Liz will do whatever it takes to save herself.
Even if it means murder.

You might think you know what happens next, but you’re wrong. With jaw-dropping twists and turns, this is a book you will not be able to put down!

Fans of Freida McFadden, Natalie Barelli, and Nicola Sanders will be hooked by this unputdownable psychological thriller with a pulse-pounding twist!

#BookReview: The Seven Year Slip by @ashposton @BerkleyRomance

Synopsis: An overworked book publicist with a perfectly planned future hits a snag when she falls in love with her temporary roommate…only to discover he lives seven years in the past, in this witty and wise new novel from the New York Times bestselling author of The Dead Romantics.

Sometimes, the worst day of your life happens, and you have to figure out how to live after it.

So Clementine forms a plan to keep her heart safe: work hard, find someone decent to love, and try to remember to chase the moon. The last one is silly and obviously metaphorical, but her aunt always told her that you needed at least one big dream to keep going. And for the last year, that plan has gone off without a hitch. Mostly. The love part is hard because she doesn’t want to get too close to anyone—she isn’t sure her heart can take it.

And then she finds a strange man standing in the kitchen of her late aunt’s apartment. A man with kind eyes and a Southern drawl and a taste for lemon pies. The kind of man that, before it all, she would’ve fallen head-over-heels for. And she might again.

Except, he exists in the past. Seven years ago, to be exact. And she, quite literally, lives seven years in his future.

Her aunt always said the apartment was a pinch in time, a place where moments blended together like watercolors. And Clementine knows that if she lets her heart fall, she’ll be doomed.

After all, love is never a matter of time—but a matter of timing.

Thursday, May 23, 2024

#BookReview: Beneath the Surface (The Kingsleys #1) by Kaira Rouda @AmazonPub @lexilikestoread

Synopsis: On a weekend voyage, the power-hungry children of an aging billionaire are unprepared for a storm of deceptions in a novel about ruthless family ambition by USA Today bestselling author Kaira Rouda.

You are cordially invited to an overnight voyage on the Splendid Seas.

An invitation to Catalina Island from billionaire CEO Richard Kingsley. For his sons, Ted and John, and their wives, it’s an opportunity to curry favor, gain control of a real estate empire, and secure their family’s futures. For the controlling patriarch, succession is a contest. He and his newest wife won’t make it an easy win.

Then Richard’s estranged live-wire daughter, Sibley, crashes the party. She’s the least of the night’s surprises. As the stakes for the inheritance of the Kingsley legacy are raised, the beautiful waters of the Pacific look more like a menacing illusion.

Let the games begin for a family who has everything money can buy, and has used lies, deception, and more to keep it. This weekend one of them will be crowned heir. One is in line to lose everything. That’s the plan. But in the coming storm, so much can go dangerously wrong.

#BookReview: Anna Bright Is Hiding Something by @susieschnall @GoSparkPoint

Synopsis: What some women will do for success…

A fast-paced and ripped-from-the-headlines story set in the glossy offices of Silicon Valley startups and New York City new media, Anna Bright Is Hiding Something explores our culture’s fascination with businesswomen who are breaking barriers—and sometimes behaving badly in the process.

Anna Bright is committing fraud. But nobody knows it yet. Not the board of her multibillion-dollar company, BrightLife; not her investors; not the media; not the public breathlessly anticipating the imminent launch of BrightSpot.

Jamie Roman, a hardworking journalist for BusinessBerry, is, no surprise, in awe of her company’s billion-dollar valuation, her polished confidence, and her hustle. But when Jamie learns about Anna’s misconduct, she embarks on a bicoastal journey to expose the crimes in the hope of making a name for herself as a journalist. It’s not long before Anna learns what the young reporter is up to, however—and she’ll do anything to stop Jamie, especially now that BrightLife’s IPO is days away.

With news of the deceit about to break, each woman will risk everything for her version of the truth . . . and only one will emerge unscathed.

#BookReview: The One I Left Behind (Plain Daisy Ranch #1) by @PetiteRayne @lexilikestoread

Synopsis: It’s the classic story—boy goes off into the world to fulfill his dreams and leaves the girl behind.

Not every boy returns home, and I wish Ben Noughton wouldn’t have come back to our small ranching town at all after he retired from playing professional football.

I figure it’s a quick layover for him. He always wanted out of this town and off his 
family’s ranch. I just have to bide my time until he turns his back on all of us again.

Then he takes on the coaching position for the high school football team and starts milling around too much, bulldozing the protective walls I’ve built around myself. But he goes too far when he takes my son under his wing to help him be the best player he can be. Leaving me to protect not only my own heart but my son’s too.

Because I promised myself a long time ago that I’d never be the girl in the rearview mirror again.

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

#BookReview: One Last Summer (Plain Daisy Ranch #0.5) by @PiperRayneRocks @lexilikestoread

Synopsis: He’s my first love. My high school sweetheart. And he’s leaving tomorrow for a bigger and better life. I’ve loved Ben almost my entire life, and we have one night left before he heads miles away to college on a football scholarship. I’m bound and determined to make sure this day goes perfectly so he remembers me as the girl he loves. But I can’t help worrying that I’ll end up as the girl he loved.

#BookReview: Heavenbreaker by @Sara_Wolf1 @redtowerbooks

Synopsis: Preorder now and receive the stunning DELUXE LIMITED EDITION while supplies last―featuring gorgeous sprayed edges with stenciled artwork, as well as exclusive endpapers and special design features. This breathtaking collectible is only available on a limited first print run, a must-have for any book lover while supplies last in the US and Canada only.

Bravery isn't what you do. It's what you endure.

The duke of the powerful House Hauteclare is the first to die. With my dagger in his back.

He didn’t see it coming. Didn’t anticipate the bastard daughter who was supposed to die with her mother—on his order. He should have left us with the rest of the Station’s starving, commoner rubbish.

Now there’s nothing left. Just icy-white rage and a need to make House Hauteclare pay. Every damn one of them.

Even if it means riding Heavenbreaker—one of the few enormous machines left over from the War—and jousting against the fiercest nobles in the system.

Each win means another one of my enemies dies. And here, in the cold terror of space, the machine and I move as one, intent on destroying each adversary—even if it’s someone I care about. Even if it’s someone I’m falling for.

Only I’m not alone. Not anymore.

Because there’s something in the machine with me. Something horrifying. Something…more.

And it won’t be stopped.

#BookReview: Monster Academy [Semester Two] by Holly Hook @lexilikestoread

Synopsis: My time at Monster Academy continues to get more dangerous...

I've survived the first semester in Monstreuse. But my life continues to tangle, just like my budding relationship with Byron, my obnoxious, sorcerer tutor. It turns out my strange powers are tied to the force turning my fellow students into monsters, and that's not awkward at all. And it definitely doesn't put a target on my back. 

As Byron and I attempt to unravel the truth about me and help my new friends maintain their humanity, I learn I'm in the middle of plans to change the world--but not for the better--and my fate is closing in. I'll need Byron's help to avoid the worst, but can I reach the real guy that he's hiding behind that confident exterior?

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

#BookReview: Just Stab Me Now by Jill Bearup

Synopsis: A desperate mother. A dubious escort. And a deranged author who won’t leave them alone.

Caroline Lindley is determined that her new romance novel will be her best one yet. Fantasy! Formal gowns! Fencing! And, of course, a twentysomething heroine to star in an enemies-to-lovers plot with all of Caroline’s favourite tropes.

But Lady Rosamund Hawkhurst is a thirty-six-year-old widow with two children, her sole focus is facilitating a peace treaty between her adopted nation and her homeland, and she flatly refuses to take the correct approach to there being Only One Bed.

What’s an author to do?

Based on her popular Fantasy Heroine YouTube Shorts series, Jill Bearup’s debut novel brings us the best of worlds both meta and medieval-inspired. Terry Pratchett aficionados will enjoy the political intrigue paired with convivial, tongue-in-cheek satire. And then there's the slow-burn, fade-to-black romance too . . .

If you loved Stranger Than Fiction and The Princess Bride, you will soon find yourself cheering on enemies-to-BFFs Rosamund and Caroline as together they learn what it means to be the hero of your own story.

Monday, May 20, 2024

#BookReview: Love at First Knight by @meganambxr

Synopsis: A second royal rom com from the author who had readers falling hard for royal guards, coming Spring 2024.

She’s no damsel in distress, and he’s certainly not wearing shining armour. But one knight can change everything…

Daisy Hastings has always thought she was born in the wrong era. So when she bags a summer job at the Tower of London helping to run their Knight school, it feels like a step in the right direction.

Theodore ‘Teddy’ Fairfax is a loose cannon. A disgraced distant relative of the royal family, he’s tall, dark and now (begrudgingly) helping with the Tower of London’s summer programme – and there’s nowhere he’d like to be less.

When Teddy’s oath to be an obstruction almost gets Daisy fired, she declares war. But as the two cross swords, they start to discover they both need a little rescuing…

And that maybe, just maybe, love can bloom, even on a battlefield…

Friday, May 17, 2024

#BookReview: Every Time I Go on Vacation, Someone Dies (The Vacation Mysteries #1) by @CEMcKenzie1 @MinotaurBooks @lexilikestoread

Synopsis: An instant USA TODAY besteller
An Indie Next List Pick (May 2024)
An Amazon Editors’ Pick for Best Mystery, Thriller & Suspense (May 2024)
Library Journal’s Mystery Pick of the Month (April 2024)
One of Goodreads’ Readers’ Most Anticipated Mysteries & Thrillers of 2024
One of Criminal Element’s “Most Anticipated Reads: April 2024”
One of Crime Reads’ “10 New Books Coming Out This Week”
One of Jordy’s “10 Most-Anticipated April Books”

Ten days, eight suspects, six cities, five authors, three bodies . . . one trip to die for.

All that bestselling author Eleanor Dash wants is to get through her book tour in Italy and kill off her main character, Connor Smith, in the next in her Vacation Mysteries series―is that too much to ask?

Clearly, because when an attempt is made on the real Connor’s life―the handsome but infuriating con man she got mixed up with ten years ago and now can't get out of her life―Eleanor’s enlisted to help solve the case.

Contending with literary rivals, rabid fans, a stalker―and even her ex, Oliver, who turns up unexpectedly―theories are bandied about, and rivalries, rifts, and broken hearts are revealed. But who’s really trying to get away with murder?

Every Time I Go on Vacation, Someone Dies is the irresistible and hilarious series debut from Catherine Mack, introducing bestselling fictional author Eleanor Dash on her Italian book tour that turns into a real-life murder mystery, as her life starts to imitate the world in her books.

Thursday, May 16, 2024

#BookReview: Worst Wingman Ever (The Improbable Meet-Cute #2) by @AuthorAbbyJim @lexilikestoread

Synopsis: They’re falling in love, yet they’ve never met. Maybe fate can intervene in a heartwarming “what-if” short story about new beginnings by the New York Times bestselling author of Yours Truly.

Holly is dealing with the impending death of her grandmother and still reeling from a bad breakup. One bright spot: a Valentine’s Day card on Holly’s windshield—even if it wasn’t meant for her. An amusing mistake soon turns into a lovely exchange of anonymous notes, little acts of kindness, and a growing affection between two strangers. What happens when one of them has to say goodbye?

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

#BookReview: Wild Love (Rose Hill #1) by @AuthorElsie @Read_Bloom

Synopsis: She's been driving him wild for years . . . the good kind of wild.

The kind of wild that comes with wanting your best friend's little sister and knowing you can't have her. 

Forbes may have labeled Ford Grant the World's Hottest Billionaire, but all he cares about is escaping the press and opening a recording studio in gorgeous small town Rose Hill. Something that comes to a screeching halt when he ends up face-to-face with a young girl who claims he's her biological father. Now, he spends his days balancing business with parenting a sullen twelve-year-old, all while trying desperately to keep his hands the hell off his best friend's sister, Rosie Belmont. 

After living in the city, Rosie came blasting back into town like a storm. Beautiful, messy, and chaotic. And one wide-eyed, desperate plea for a job is all it takes for Ford to hire her. He vows to keep her at arm's length. Tries to stick to scowls and grumpy one-liners. But with her, verbal sparring is a type of foreplay―friction that soon turns to blistering heat. 

Ford knows damn well he shouldn't cross this line. But shouldn't and can't are two very different things. 

And the only thing he truly can't do is resist her.

#BookReview: The Grandest Garden by @MaDonnaNegra

Synopsis: Bella Fontaine is on her own. Fresh out of college and with the winnings from her first international photography competition, she decides to leave Los Angeles to forge a new life in New York City. But will she be able to overcome the trauma of her childhood and her break from home to make it as a successful artist and professional photographer in a new city? Or will her secrets catch up with her ,and keep her from developing the relationships she needs to make her dreams come true?

We meet young Bella just after her tenth birthday, and her grandmothers, Olivette and Miriam, each with a beautiful, mature garden as different from each other as the two gardeners who tend them. As Bella’s homelife begins to unravel, she relies on her grandmother’s gardens as her refuge for stability and belonging. But when Miriam moves in with Olivette in search of healing, the grandmothers bond in a way that makes Bella feel excluded. What happens next sends Bella out into the world before she is ready.

The Grandest Garden is a poignant coming-of-age story about the ties that bind us to our people and how to survive when they break.

#BookReview: Worst Wingman Ever (The Improbable Meet-Cute, #2) by Abby Jimenez

Synopsis: They’re falling in love, yet they’ve never met. Maybe fate can intervene in a heartwarming “what-if” short story about new beginnings by the New York Times bestselling author of Yours Truly.

Holly is dealing with the impending death of her grandmother and still reeling from a bad breakup. One bright spot: a Valentine’s Day card on Holly’s windshield—even if it wasn’t meant for her. An amusing mistake soon turns into a lovely exchange of anonymous notes, little acts of kindness, and a growing affection between two strangers. What happens when one of them has to say goodbye?

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

#BookReview: Hideaway (Devil's Night #2) by @PenDouglas @lexilikestoread

Synopsis: All the twisted games are back as Devil's Night returns in this dark romance from New York Times bestselling author Penelope Douglas, now with bonus material.

Buried in the shadows of the city, there’s an abandoned hotel called The Pope, surrounded by a mystery about the hidden twelfth floor and the guest who never checked out. Banks knows the local legend, but Kai Mori believes the myth around the hotel. He and his friends think they know her, think they can scare her, but Banks knows something they don’t. Even though she struggles to hide everything she feels when Kai looks at her, the person he seeks is much closer than he’ll ever realize.

She’ll never reveal her secret. This Devil’s Night, Kai will be the hunted one.  

But Banks doesn’t know what Kai had to turn into to survive three years in prison. He wants the hotel, its guest, and his life back. But the more he’s around Banks, the more Kai realizes this new version of himself is exactly who he was meant to be.

Kai’s seen her hideaway. It’s time for Banks to see his.

#BookReview: Pumpkin Spice Puppy by @LaurienBerenson

Synopsis: Melanie Travis and her pedigree poodles are back on the case in an adorably giftable, fall time-themed hardcover by award-winning author Laurien Berenson!

It’s autumn in Connecticut and there’s a chill in the air, the fall leaves are a riot of color, and pumpkin spice is the flavor of the season. Melanie Travis is perennially busy, of course—but when the owner of a local pet supply shop is found murdered, sleuthing tops her To Do list . . .

Between taking care of her family and assorted Standard Poodles, Melanie is also working as a special needs tutor for Howard Academy, a private school in Greenwich, where her younger son attends kindergarten. This year, the headmaster has come up with an idea for a school fundraiser. All students will participate in a town-wide treasure hunt, with grades competing against each other.

Tokens shaped like pumpkin spice muffins have been hidden in downtown stores. Students will scramble to collect as many as they can in exchange for prizes. At first all goes smoothly, and the uptick in foot traffic to the stores is a win-win. . . . . Until the pet supply shop owner lodges a complaint. When Melanie stops by to smooth things over, she instead finds the man dead, a knife in his back, and his loyal, ever-vigilant Chow Chow locked in the storeroom.

Over the headmaster's objections, Melanie is once again drawn into an investigation. It doesn't take her long to gather a list of suspects, from neighbors balking about the number of rescue Chows the man was fostering in his home, to the landlord who’d filed an eviction notice against him, to the bitter ex-wife who is happy he's gone. With the fundraiser soon drawing to a close and celebrations imminent, Melanie will have to follow every clue—before the biggest prize is staying alive . . .

Monday, May 13, 2024

#BookReview: The Persephone Code by Julia Golding

Synopsis: Bridgerton meets The Da Vinci Code in the most page-turning book you will read in 2024!

You don’t dabble in satanism. You sell your soul to the devil or not at all.


Deep below the hills of the Buckinghamshire countryside, the infamous Hellfire Caves house a pleasure palace for the idle rich – a secret society steeped in satanism, opium and debauchery of the highest order.

When the club’s warden, Antony Pennington, is brutally murdered, his bastard sister, Dora, must follow the clues to decode who the killer is, aided by an unexpected ally – ex-Army officer, former opium addict and son of a Viscount, Dr Jacob Sandys.

As a shadow dogs their every footstep, Dora and Jacob find themselves in the midst of a shocking conspiracy, caught between the legendary Illuminati and the Hell Fire Club. With time running out, they must fight against both the most influential gentleman of the ton – and the undeniable attraction they feel towards each other…

Tuesday, May 07, 2024

#BookReview: Tame Me (Stark International Security #1) by @juliekenner @lexilikestoread

Synopsis: Aspiring actress Jamie Archer is on the run. From herself. From her wild child ways. From the screwed up life that she left behind in Los Angeles. And, most of all, from Ryan Hunter—the first man who has the potential to break through her defenses to see the dark fears and secrets she hides. 

Stark International Security Chief Ryan Hunter knows only one thing for sure—he wants Jamie. Wants to hold her, make love to her, possess her, and claim her. Wants to do whatever it takes to make her his. 

But after one night of bliss, Jamie bolts. And now it’s up to Ryan to not only bring her back, but to convince her that she’s running away from the best thing that ever happened to her--him.