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Tuesday, March 19, 2024

#BookReview: Night Shift by Annie Crown @BistroBookBabes

Synopsis: The bookworm and the basketball player are about to meet their match.

Kendall Holiday spends her Friday nights exactly where she wants to be: with her head buried in a spicy romance novel while she works the graveyard shift at her university's library. She knows she could join her friends for a weekend of drunken debauchery and college parties, but she likes her alone time, so she tells herself she isn't hiding when she gets lost in the pages of fictional love stories.

But that all changes when Vincent Knight, captain of the basketball team, turns up with an injured wrist, a sour mood, and a pressing need for poetry recommendations for a class he hates. Vincent is tall, smart-mouthed, and challenges Kendall like no one has before. Suddenly, she's falling headfirst into her very own romance novel—but it takes a lot more truth than tropes to get to a happy ever after in real life.

NIGHT SHIFT is a 75k-word sweet and spicy single-POV college romance perfect for fans of Emily Henry, Hannah Grace, and Elena Armas.

Thursday, March 14, 2024

#BookReview: To Be Claimed by Willow Winters AnastajaS @ververomance @BistroBookBabes

Synopsis: Their authoritative presence is felt before anything else. My heart skips a beat and my blood runs cold. They’re here.

The voluminous cloaks cover their bodies entirely and their faces are mostly concealed by their hoods. Standing with their broad shoulders squared and hands tucked behind their backs, they emanate sheer masculinity and dominance.

His baritone voice whispers, and his breath burns hot against the shell of my ear. His tone is gentle, but there’s no doubt in my mind that his words are a command.

Gather and present yourself. This is the offering ...

To Be Claimed is a dark paranormal romance collection with high heat and suspense to keep you on edge. This collection features Wounded Kiss, Gentle Scars & Primal Lust