Tuesday, December 11, 2018

#Top10Tuesday 10 reasons why I read what I want! via @ArtsyReaderGirl

Welcome to this weeks Top 10 Tuesday! This week was a freebie so I chose to talk about why I read what I want and why I don't care what others think.  Let's set the scene for you!  You’re in the bookstore and you pick up a book that you’re thinking about buying.  You go to put it in your cart when another customer tells you that you should’t read it because there has been a lot of people saying bad things about it all over the bookish community. Of course you have already read the book jacket and to you it sounded amazing and something right up your alley! So the big question now is what do you do?  You have this person standing in the isle starting at you, and they are pretty much stalking you to make sure you put the book back. So they can walk away thinking their work here is done.  

As I see it you have three choices. The first one is you put the book back because now you have been turned off because of what this person has said.  The second option is you put it in your cart tell the person you don’t care and well just kind of hope they don’t start an argument in the store. (Trust me this can happen).  And lastly you could put it back, wait until the person walks away, then grab the book and bury it under the mountain of other books you were going to buy.  

In the past I would have been the person to just put a book back.  There have been so many times when I was in the bookstore and even the library and went to pick a book up and someone would show up telling me I shouldn’t read this book or that book because of whatever reason.  Be it that readers thought it was racist. Or that the author had said something really mean and nasty.  I even had a lady try and take a book out of my hand when I was still going to buy it, which made me feel very nervous at the time.  

That all changed about a year ago when I read an advance reading copy of a book called The Continent by Kiera Drake.  I read this book before I saw all of the media coverage for it and I loved it.  I rated it 5 amazing stars and could not wait to get my hands on a finished copy when it came out.  Sadly this book from the numerous social media back lash it received it was pulled from publication.  Luckily the author did get to go back through the book and get to do something that most author do not.  She got to edit an already almost published book and polish it even more.  And I have to say that it worked out.  I am still sad that the book I had originally read didn’t get published but the book that did get published (I am pretty sure a year later) was even better!  

Since that point in my reading life I have changed the way that I read.  These days I let each book stand on its own story regardless of what someone says about it. This also stands true for what authors of books say as well.  I know over the past two months since writing this up a book that I die hard loved. The author at one of their signings said some pretty not so nice things.  But, I will not let that stop me from still loving their titles and I will be getting a copy of book two when it comes out.  

The entire point I am attempting to make with this discussion is that you should be able to read what you want.  No matter what people say about or what the author says.  This goes the same for those of us who are adults but love young adult titles.  It shouldn’t matter what we are reading if that is something we enjoy people should respect that no matter their opinion.  I mean isn’t that what Goodreads and blogs are for?  

In the end here are 10 reasons why you shouldn't care about what other people think about what you are reading.  

1. You have a right to read what you want. (Unless your in school then sorry your at the mercy of your teacher) 
2. You may not have the same issues with the books other have. 
3. You should read the book and have your own thoughts. 
4. You should NOT have to hide what you read.  

Ok my brain is fried thats all i've got!! What are some that you have let us know in the comments below! 


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