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#BookTour: WATT O'HUGH AND THE INNOCENT DEAD by Steven S. Drachman @JeanBookNerd #Giveaway

Series: Memoirs of Watt O'Hugh the Third (Book 3)
Paperback: 284 pages
Publisher: Chickadee Prince Books LLC (September 1, 2019)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1732913935
ISBN-13: 978-1732913936


“Touching tragedy, dead-pan comedy and a time-roaming cowboy? Part three of Drachman’s epic fantasy series is indeed fantastic!” ―David David Katzman, award-winning author of A Greater Monster (Bedhead Books)

“[An] engaging tale of Western science fiction and amazing fantasy … Fast-paced, energetic and fun; a dime novel for modern intellectuals.” ―Kirkus Reviews

"The third entry in Drachman'sseries (after Watt O'Hugh Underground) dives right into a complex world of time travel, lost love, faith, war, and the afterlife. The titularRoamer -- a time traveler with cowboy flavor -- is hoodwinked into getting good and dead. He wakes up in the Hell of the Innocent Dead, a place of Chinese myth devoted to those unjustly dead whose murderers still walk free.... VERDICT: Genre mashup devotees should get some good laughs and thrills from this Western/adventure/sf/fantasy blend." ―Nicole Steeves, Library Journal

On the morning of Wednesday, September 24, 1879, I awoke in a prison in Montana.

I did not imagine that evening might find me sprawled beneath a great and ferocious sand crab on a rancid beach, deep in the Hell of the Innocent Dead.

But that is indeed where I wound up.

The moral, if there is one: never plan your day too inflexibly.


In this, the final book of the trilogy, Watt O'Hugh, the dead/not-dead, time Roaming Western gunman, travels the length and breadth of the sixth level of Hell, recruiting a shadowy army that might storm the borders of the Underworld, free humanity and the inscapes from the clutches of the Falsturm and his Sidonian hordes, and stave off the Coming Storm.

He'll need a little luck.

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Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟
My Review: Although I have never read the first two books in this series I really enjoyed it!  I will have to go back and read the first two now.  I love anything dealing with cowboys and to add time travel to that pot just made this one even better. This title packs a punch with the emotions that it gains from the reader.  I couldn't put it down.  I do think that I would have loved this even more if I would have read the first two titles.  

The writing in this one was very good.  I was never lost and I enjoyed how the author wrote the story.  the characters were also fantastic! And I can't wait to check out book one and two!  

If you are a fan of this series I think it would be a stellar conclusion to it! 

Photo Content from Steven S. Drachman

Steven S. Drachman is a writer and critic whose work has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Village Voice, The Boston Phoenix, The Chicago Sun-Times, and Entertainment Weekly. He has also written on the Middle East for the IsraelPalestinePeace e-zine and in the Kindle single, Enough Already: A Framework for Permanent Peace, which was the the basis for a Ted Talk in 2014.

His first novel, a Western sci-fi historical fantasy entitled The Ghosts of Watt O'Hugh, was named one of the Best of 2011 by Kirkus Reviews, and Winner, Best Fantasy Novel by Indie Excellence Book Awards 2012. Book 2 of the Watt O'Hugh trilogy, Watt O'Hugh Underground, was published by Chickadee Prince Books in 2014, to equivalent acclaim. The final book of the trilogy is Watt O'Hugh and the Innocent Dead.


At the bar, we sat on two unstable fold-up stools. 
The bartender was in his twenties, a little unhealthily overweight from cheap food, his eyes a little bloodshot, his cheeks a little prematurely veiny. He was just a fellow from town, hired for one night, probably usually unemployed. He didn’t understand any of this, and he didn’t care. He didn’t ask. This was a cheap gig for one night. He didn’t know that he was trapped in an infinite loop from which he would never escape. He didn’t know that he would do this again and again, serve these drinks over and over again, this same endless night, until the end of Reality, and that he would never remember it. This man would live a whole life, an eternal life, of Tuesdays, and never remember yester-day’s Tuesday, or look forward to to-morrow’s Tuesday. And he would never enjoy any of it, this lifetime of Tuesdays.
“A Monongahela,” I said, and Theera shook her head. 
“My friend will have the Conconully Canarino.” She smiled, and the bartender nodded dully. “Make it a double,” Theera added. 
She looked over at me, but she was still talking to the ‘tender. 
“You know the Conconully Canarino?” she asked. “It’s like Canarino, but with a dash of Conconully.” 
He said he did, and a moment later he brought me a tall glass filled with a clear drink, and three ice cubes. The ice cubes glittered and danced. 
“Usually,” she said, “a Canarino is nothing, but the way we make it in Conconully, it has a certain something.” 

Copyright © 2019 by Steven S. Drachman

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