Sunday, October 13, 2019

#BookReview: Familiar Magic (London Coven #1) by M.V. Stott

Synopsis: A witch’s familiar is tasked with protecting London from the monsters that lurk in the shadows; the creatures that seek to unravel the fabric of things and send us all to hell. 

Mystery, horror, and fast-paced action collide in this thrilling urban fantasy series from the Uncanny Kingdom.

Three dead witches. An unknown killer. One big mistake: they left me alive.

My name is Stella Familiar and I work for the London Coven. I’m good at what I do, but now… now something has come to town and torn my coven apart. 

It did the impossible and murdered the three most powerful witches in London, leaving me to protect the city on my own.

 Something evil beyond anything I’ve ever experienced is loose, something with the power to squash me like a bug… and I’m going to destroy it.

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About the Author: Matthew Stott writes strange stories.

Influenced by the likes of seminal TV show 'Doctor Who', and writers Neil Gaiman and Stephen King, he crafts stories full of creep, wonder, fantasy, and adventure.

Matthew co-owns the Uncanny Kingdom. 

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My Review: 
In a secret world filled with magic hidden before our very eyes we meet Stella.  Stella is the familiar for the London Coven.  But one day her whole world is turned upside down when the London Coven witches are murdered while she’s sleeping.  Now she must get revenge for her fallen coven...any way possible.
This book really surprised me.  Their is so much action in this book and enough twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat.  I loved how their are almost two different versions of London, the magical and not, since not everyone is able to see the magical beings or place in their own town.  I really liked how kick butt our heroine is and how much she evolves and learns that she can be her own person and not have to serve another just because she is a familiar.  I really enjoyed the narrator as well and I believe that Heather Tracy did an amazing job and really helped bring even more life to this amazing tale.  Also that ending had me screaming!  If you are looking for a good magical book with a kick butt heroine then this is the book for you!

"I strongly recommend checking these books out if you like stories with a nice balance of humor and darkness." ~ Shadows in Wonderland

This book started off with a gut punch. I'd read Underground Magic and was really looking forward to seeing further interactions between Kala, Trin, & Feal, the three most powerful witches of London, and their newly created familiar Stella Familiar (yes, I've said this before: gotta love that name). Then on page 1 of this book (so not really a spoiler of this book) all three of the witches are found murdered! Humph. (I'd still recommend Underground Magic though as it's s well written back story and great as a stave-alone novel.) ~ The Mysterious Amazon Customer 

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