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#BookReview: The Girl Who Looked Beyond The Stars by @authorlbanne

Synopsis: "What am I?" 

Sheena Meyer is the girl that brings an extra sandwich to school each day just in case someone doesn’t have lunch. She’s also the girl that questions and investigates everything, driving her parents and teachers nuts. She spends most days waiting for some grand event to happen and change her life. But this isn’t what she had in mind. 

The Murk is coming for her because of a gift she doesn’t know she has. 

Nine years ago an angel appeared in front of select kids all over the world. In Michigan, it appeared in a willow tree in front of a four-year-old little girl. She's the only child that saw it, the one with the gift. Sheena is now thirteen and has since forgotten what she saw. But things change when her father is in a terrible accident, and she witnesses a supernatural being save him. 

“I saw what you did. Come back!” 

An old man, the arrival of a peculiar new kid at school, and mysterious text messages will change everything Sheena has ever believed in, sweeping her out of a humdrum, teenage existence, and setting in motion what one little girl’s destiny can mean to the world. 


Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
My Review: 
““What would you do if you saw a faerie mom? Sheena asked.  “I'd run.””

Shenna and her two best friends are swept into a mythical adventure after her father is miraculously healed after an accident.  There are things that normal humans are not meant to see.  Thinking it was all in her head she begins to search the web for what it could be, that is until she receives a mysterious message.  Will she find out why she is seeing these creatures or is she not really human at all?  I really enjoyed this story.  Towards the end I was on the edge of my seat and have already reserved book two at my library.  Though the story is short I enjoyed seeing a bit into Sheena's past which helped tie in the whole story.  Also her friends are really likeable and the author did a good job building their relationships in such a short amount of time.  You really feel like you grew up with the characters as well.  I also love the direction that this story is going and all the mystery involved and I look forward to continuing on with book two!


★★★★★ Reviewed By Kristen Van Kampen (Teen Reviewer) for Readers' Favorite

When The Girl Who Looked Beyond the Stars by L. B. Anne begins, Sheena Meyer is just an ordinary girl, but that doesn't last long. Her life changes when her father gets in a car accident and she goes to the hospital to see him, where she also sees a glowing creature that miraculously heals her dad. It is also the first time she meets Mr. Tobias, who says she's a gleamer who can see things normal people can't. Suddenly, mystical things keep happening to her, including vivid dreams that come true, text messages from an unknown number, and she meets a mysterious new girl who acts oddly. Then, in one of her talks with Mr. Tobias, she learns that something called the Murk is coming for her. What will she do?

With interesting scenes and well-developed characters, The Girl Who Looked Beyond the Stars by L. B. Anne is a very enjoyable read. The book has a good balance of thrilling and dramatic scenes and funny parts that make the book exciting without making it too intense. The characters were very likable and relatable, and I thought the way the characters interacted was very realistic, especially between Sheena and her mother. I also loved the way Sheena and her friends were very close and joked around with each other. The book was very well written and I liked the narration style from Sheena's perspective. The story is original, suspenseful, and has a very interesting plot. I was hooked by the first page and didn't want to stop reading. I would definitely recommend this book.

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