Thursday, June 16, 2022

#Bookclub: King of Battle and Blood with @ScarlettStClai1

So this week for bookclub I had the fortunate opportunity to have my bookclub chat with author Scarlet St. Clair and I have to tell you she is the nicest person ever!!! She just out of the freaking blue tweeted me on twitter and asked if she could crash my bookclub.  I was like YES! I swear I spent most of the day either screen shooting the fact that she followed me on instagram and that she was already following me on twitter than I did anything else that day.  

So I thought why not share that with my YouTube fans.  This was a screen recording I did the next day so it cut it off. But you can watch the entire video on instagram here 

I also found out that she has followed my site since like 2014 so that was like a shock man!! I didn't even know!  I hope I never get to the point where getting a reply or being able to chat with authors becomes the norm.  I love being the totally crazy fangirl and I hope that never changes.  

Thank you again Scarlet St. Clair for making my day so amazing!! Because that day was super hard. 



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