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#BookReview: Beyond the Ruby Veil (Beyond the Ruby Veil, #1) by Mara Fitzgerald

Synopsis: A dark, queer YA fantasy that's perfect for fans of the Three Dark Crowns series. After Emanuela Ragno kills the one person in Occhia who can create water, she must find a way to save her city from dying of thirst.

Cunning and unapologetic, Emanuela Ragno is a socialite who plays by her own rules. In her most ambitious move yet, she’s about to marry Alessandro Morandi, her childhood best friend and the heir to the wealthiest house in Occhia. Emanuela doesn’t care that she and her groom are both gay, because she doesn’t want a love match. She wants power, and through Ale, she’ll have it all.

But Emanuela has a secret that could shatter her plans. In her city of Occhia, the only source of water is the watercrea, a mysterious being who uses magic to make water from blood. When their first bruise-like omen appears on their skin, all Occhians must surrender themselves to the watercrea to be drained of life. Everyone throughout history has obeyed this law for the greater good. Everyone except Emanuela. She’s kept the tiny omen on her hip out of sight for years.

When the watercrea exposes Emanuela during her wedding ceremony and takes her to be sacrificed, Emanuela fights back…and kills her. Before everyone in Occhia dies of thirst, Emanuela and Ale must travel through the mysterious, blood-red veil that surrounds their city to uncover the source of the watercrea’s power and save their people—no matter what it takes.


Rating: 3 Stars
My Review: 
"Beyond the Ruby Veil" by Mara Fitzgerald presents readers with a lush and inventive fantasy world filled with intrigue and mystery. The story follows Emanuela, a young woman in the desert city of Zafir who must navigate the consequences of her actions after she sacrifices her own morality for the survival of her people.

Fitzgerald's world-building is richly detailed, with the desert city of Zafir and its inhabitants coming to life on the page. The novel explores themes of power, morality, and the consequences of one's choices, adding depth to the narrative. Emanuela is a complex and morally ambiguous protagonist, and her journey of self-discovery is compelling to follow.

However, while the novel's premise is intriguing, the execution falls short in some areas. The pacing can be uneven, with the story slowing down in parts and rushing through others. Certain plot developments feel rushed or underdeveloped, leaving gaps in the narrative that detract from the overall impact. Additionally, some readers may find the ambiguity of the ending unsatisfying, with loose ends left unresolved.

The character development is also a mixed bag, with some characters feeling more fully realized than others. Emanuela's internal struggles are well-drawn, but some of the supporting cast lack depth and complexity, making it difficult to fully invest in their arcs. The romantic subplot, while intriguing, could have been more fully explored to add emotional resonance to the story.

Despite these flaws, "Beyond the Ruby Veil" is a promising debut that showcases Mara Fitzgerald's talent as a storyteller. The novel's ambitious world-building and morally complex protagonist offer a refreshing take on the fantasy genre. While it may not fully deliver on its potential, it's a solid read that will appeal to fans of dark and atmospheric fantasy.

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