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As of Sept. 1, 2019

Monthly Views: 31,715 
All Time Views: 1,708,570
Twitter: 5,014 followers
Facebook: 5,754 Likes
Instagram: 1,961 Followers
Pinterest: 32K Views
Linkedin: 1K+ Connections
Youtube : 502 Subscribers
Bloglovin' : 551 Followers

Feedback Ratio: 95%
Approved: 1194 Titles 

205 people have found CrossroadReviews's written reviews to be helpful on Goodreads.

CrossroadReviews is in the top 10% of reviewers, based on review volume.

Primary Genres

CrossroadReviews reads a diverse set of genres. Actually CrossroadReviews is in the top 50% of reviewers, based on reading diversity.

CrossroadReviews vs. Goodreads

CrossroadReviews tends to be a strict reviewer compared to other readers. However, CrossroadReviews can definitely be impressed because CrossroadReviews has given 202 five star ratings to date.

According to CrossroadReviews:
  • Never-Contented Things by Sarah Porter is highly underrated
  • The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas is highly overrated
  • Becoming Me by Andrea Pippins is a hidden gem
CrossroadReviews's most popular review is for the book, The Thing with Feathers by McCall Hoyle.

Publishers Read

CrossroadReviews reviews books from top 5 presses, large presses, small presses, and self publishers. In fact, CrossroadReviews is in the top 25% of reviewers who review books from top 5 presses, based on review volume.

CrossroadReviews tends to rate books from small presses the highest, on average, with an average rating of 3.7.

Review Timing

CrossroadReviews has posted 133 reviews within one week of a book's release date. This makes CrossroadReviews a reliable choice for authors who want to create buzz around their book launch.

CrossroadReviews tends to rate a book highest, on average, when the review is 1 - 4 wks after the book's publication date.


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