February 16, 2012

Ereader Wars! What Reader is best for me?

So this past year we have heard of the EWar!  

Get a kindle and read in the sunlight! 
Get an IPad and get tons of features at the touch of a finger.  
Then you have the nook or BAM Reader the Sony reader, then you have Kobo and a few others.  
With all the hoopla around all the kinds of ereaders which one is the best one?
Well for me that was the ipad.  I use books from both kindle and ibooks which are Mobi and Epub.  I also use PDF sometimes.  And the ipad is the only thing that lets you use all three. 
Im not crazy enough to take my reader to the beach or anywhere near where it can get wet.  Like the side of the pool as in the kindle add that has been running.  
So here is a break down if you are trying to figure out what you want to get.  
First off Kindle

so you have the new kindle for $79 which comes with pesky little advertisements.  If you want it without those ads then you will pay a bigger price of $109.  
The only kindle that doesn't have adds is the DX and the Fire.  
Ok so you want the Fire.  Then you pay $199 you still cant read in the sunlight although you no longer have the adds. But you have no actual memory on your reader.  Its all in the cloud.  So if the cloud is down well then so is your reader content.  
Ok so on to the Ipad.  I must say that I am for the ipad!!  As I have not one but two.  
I have the 64 GB ipad 2 and my 7 year old has the 32 GB ipad 2 as well.  
What I LOVE about apple products not just the ipad is that they are so user friendly.  
They are so easy to use.  

So now you just dont know what to get?  Should you go with the Ipad or Kindle or Nook or Sony reader or Kobo.  I am sure I’m missing some of the others.  There are so many out there.  
So the first question you will want to answer is.......
What am I going to do on the system?  
Just Reading Here!!
If you are just going to read books and thats it.  Then maybe the Kindle $79 (with ads) $109 (no ads) would be best for you.  The only issue with this is you can only get books from the kindle store and you can only use pdf and mobi for the more popular book ends.  You cant use Epub.  
And this reader doesnt offer a touch screen and only does wifi.  
If you are like most of us!  Who like me I watch tv shows, listen to music, watch movies, play games, and of course read books.  Maybe the Ipad 2 would be better for you.  
There are no ads on the system and the price starts at $499.  However for that you get 16GB of space which is well over what you will prob ever need.  Its in color which is really nice.  And it has a touch screen.  The only thing it doesnt have so far is flash support.   But im sure that apple will add this in the future.  Hopefully it will be just an update and not a new system.  
Ok so How large do you want your tablet?  
I have both the 32GB and the 64GB ipad 2.  And when im reading it can get a little heavy.  
Types of books?
For all the other ereaders you will end up with either epub or mobi.  Ipad is the ONLY reader that does both!   
You can get an app do read kindle, nook, BAM, Kobo, and more.  You can even get OverDrive which most libaraies use so you dont even have to leave your house to get books from the library. 
Ipad is so user friendly.  
So as of Nov 2011 the apps break down for each ebook platform is as follows. 
Kindle: Besides Kindle hardware readers, Kindle books can be accessed on iPads, iPhones, iPod Touch handhelds, Android phones (version 2.1 and later), Android tablets, many BlackBerry phones, Windows PCs, Macs, Windows Phone 7 phones, and via HTML 5-compatible browsers (the Kindle Cloud Reader). Full details here.
Nook: Besides Nook hardware readers, Nook books can be accessed on iPads, iPhones, iPod Touch handhelds, Android phones (version 2.1 and later), Android tablets, many BlackBerry phones, Windows PCs, and Macs. Full details here.
Kobo: Besides Kobo hardware readers, Kobo books can be accessed on iPads, iPhones, iPod Touch handhelds, Android phones (version 2.1 and later), Android tablets, many BlackBerry phones, the Palm Pre (WebOS), the BlackBerry PlayBook, Windows PCs, and Macs. Full details: smartphones, tablets, PCs/Macs.
iBooks: Apple's e-book store is currently only available on Apple iOS devices--iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.
Sony Reader: Besides Sony Reader hardware, Sony books can be accessed on Android phones, Windows PCs, and Macs. (Now that Apple has modified the terms of the App Store, we expect that the Sony Reader iOS app--originally rejected by Apple--will be modified and resubmitted.) Full details: Android phones, PCs/Macs

In my search for information on this I found this website for a Configuratior to find the best tablet/ereader for you!  So answer the questions and get the answer 

And here is another website for a little more information Click Here
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