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Welcome to Crossroad Reviews. We have many different services you can choose from.  We work hand in hand with you to create the best PR that you could ask for.  We share all PR across social media to make sure it gets in front of as many readers as it can.   If you need something you do not see listed please let us know and we can work with you to create something new.  

Crossroad Reviews is currently receiving 60-70K+ views a month. 

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Review Services 
Do you send books to reviewers wondering if they will actually review your title?  With Crossroad Reviews there is no more wondering if your title will be accepted.  All you will need to do is pay the fee for the review you want, submit your title, and send us a copy. 
  • Please note that all reviews are honest opinions.  
  • We will post a review regardless of star rating.  
  • We think this allows our readers to know that they can rely on us to always share what we really think about each book we read.  
  • Please note that you are not getting an automatic 5 Star review just a review faster. 

Bronze Reviews: $10 per book 
This review allows you to get a standard review only.  Please note that these reviews are added to the current review list. Our timeline for these reviews are set about 2 months in advance. 
  • Will review your title within 2 months. 
  • Social Media will be our auto post to Twitter and Facebook.

Silver Reviews: $25 per book
Silver Reviews are reviews done within 2 weeks of receiving the book.  This type of review comes with a social media post via instagram. 
  • You will receive a review within 2 weeks of the reviewer receiving the title. 
  • Social Media will be our auto post to Twitter and Facebook.

Gold Reviews: $50 per book
Gold Reviews are reviews done within 1 week of receiving the book. 
  • Review done within 1 week of the reviewer receiving the title. 
  • Social Media will be our auto post to Twitter and Facebook.

Platinum Reviews: $100 per book (Required Physical Copy)
Platinum Reviews are reviews done within 1 week of receiving the book and includes social media posting.  
  • Review done within 1 week of the reviewer receiving the title. 
  • 1 Extra Promotional Post (Guest Post, Interview, or Chapter Sample) 
  • 1 Post added to our Instagram
  • 1 Post added to our Instagram Story will include link to Amazon
  • 1 Post added to Facebook Page and 1 Tweet (auto posts) 
  • 1 Post added to our Tiktok account 

Want us to review follow the list below. 
  • Please note we get covers, links, synopsis, and other information from Goodreads and Amazon.  At this time we can only post reviews to the site that are listed on these sites. In the event your title is not listed, we will not be able to provide a review on site until the title is listed. 
  • Send payment via one of the following companies: 
  • Send the book via 
    • Gifted Amazon:
    • Mail:  Jessica Porter PO Box 1213 Eaton Park, FL 33840
Want to Sign Up?
  • Email us: 
  • Subject: Type of Review
  • Let us know if you would like us to tag you (send us your social media handles), would you like to add a giveaway, etc. 

Giveaways: You can add a giveaway to any package or review.  Just let us know what you want to giveaway!  Don't want to deal with shipping?  Let us do the shipping for you!! Giveaway items can be purchased via Amazon and sent directly to the winner. 

Want more coverage for your title?  Check out our promotions below! 

Promotions are a great way to get your titles in front of readers without the stress of having to deal with a review.  You can always add a review to any PR package but it is not required. Our services range from live author chats to graphics and more.  Pick and choose which PR you would like.  And we can always create or bundle any PR package to meet your needs. 

If you would like to get any of the promotions listed please do the following.  

  • Email us: 
  • Subject: Promotions 
  • Let us know what promotions you would like
  • Any special requests 

Side Bar: $10 a month 
Get your cover linked to amazon posted to our side bar. This will show your cover and link to amazon for purchase. 

Graphics: $25
Have us create you an animated or still graphic featuring your cover for $25 per graphic.  This can be for anything from quotes, cover reveals, and more!   You can see graphics that have already been made on our instagram under Graphics and Highlights.

#AuthorChat: $50
#AuthorChat is a live show on Instagram that allows readers from anywhere in the world to get to know you and your title.  It is also a great idea to do as a test run if you are getting ready to do a live interview at an event.  I have heard a bunch of authors loved doing the show because it showed them what it was going to be like.  In a very down to earth setting.  Each show is 30 minutes long and costs $50 and can be on either platform.  We do require you to send us a copy of your book so questions can be closer related to your work.  If you would like to book a show please check out the link. Check out more here

Author or Blogger Website/Blog: $1000 Flat Fee. (Blogger Only) 
I will walk you though everything from doing your .com to setting up your side bar and pages, as well as HTML posting etc.  Pretty much anything and everything you need. It will also come with 1 year of tech support for me to update things so you don't have to. Banners and Buttons will be included!  

  • Email: 
  • Subject: Site 

Beta Reading/Story Editing/Content Editing:
 $500 Flat Fee 6 Months Work
This will consist of video chats or calls.  Working though plot holes, story edits, character arcs, ideas and more.  I will read through your manuscript multiple times and work with you on all aspects of your story.  This will not edit spelling errors etc.

  • Email: 
  • Subject: Editing


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Payments: All payments are final. Each payment is considered a donation. All money obtained via promotions, expedited reviews, etc. will be used to cover costs of shipping materials and costs, internet and equipment, website costs, photo editing services, etc. As paypal and Venmo have updated their services we will no longer be accepting payments via goods and services.  

Refunds: No refunds will be given. 

Honest Reviews Only: Costs involved are for time spent promoting on social media and/or the purchase of your title. You are not paying for a review. 

Sponsored Posts will be marked as #sponsored.


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