November 26, 2014

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Influenster is a community of trendsetters, social media hotshots, and educated consumers who live to give opinions of products and experiences.
Influensters meet here to learn about new products from our favorite brands as well as review the products they already use in their day-to-day lives!

Go Join!  

Why do I say you need to join Influenster? Well that would be because I have gotten some of the coolest things from them.  One of the coolest things I've ever gotten from them was the Keurig 2.0 which has been a really big help in my house.  The new thing that they are doing is using this app.  I can scan products and review them right from my phone.  I have had a few issues with things coming up but I'm sure they will have the kinks out of the app in no time.  

Being a member of Influenster allows you to enter a ton of contests to win some great things.  They just did one to win tickets to go watch Penguins of Madagascar!  So how cool is that.  

I just entered one to win a $40.00 credit toward a phone case.  

So make sure to check it out! 

 Go Into This One Knowing
That you don't just join to get free stuff.   You have to do the work and enjoy reviewing things. 

"All opinions are 100% honest and my own." 

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