November 15, 2014

#Review & #Giveaway of Stranger (The Change #1) by @Rachelphoenix Sherwood Smith @PenguinTeen

Many generations ago, a mysterious cataclysm struck the world. Governments collapsed and people scattered, to rebuild where they could. A mutation, "the Change,” arose, granting some people unique powers. Though the area once called Los Angeles retains its cultural diversity, its technological marvels have faded into legend. "Las Anclas" now resembles a Wild West frontier town… where the Sheriff possesses superhuman strength, the doctor can warp time to heal his patients, and the distant ruins of an ancient city bristle with deadly crystalline trees that take their jewel-like colors from the clothes of the people they killed.

Teenage prospector Ross Juarez’s best find ever – an ancient book he doesn’t know how to read – nearly costs him his life when a bounty hunter is set on him to kill him and steal the book. Ross barely makes it to Las Anclas, bringing with him a precious artifact, a power no one has ever had before, and a whole lot of trouble.

Stranger stands on its own, but there will be three more books in the series: HostageRebel, and Traitor.
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Sherwood Smith

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Rachel Manija Brown is the author of the memoir "All the Fishes Come Home to Roost: an American Misfit in India," and a collection of short stories and poetry, "A Cup of Smoke." Her post-apocalyptic YA novel "Stranger," co-written with Sherwood Smith, is forthcoming from Viking in November 2014. She has also written graphic novels, television, and plays.

She works as a therapist, specializing in the treatment of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder.)

You can write to her at

So after the first 2 chapters I started to get really scared.  Ive had issues with books that are over like 2 POVs and this has 5!! But that was fine.  Each character had their own voice so it didn't mess the story up and it didn't confuse me.  It made the book more enjoyable and really played into the story down the line.

I loved how that in the first 5 chapters the ground work for the the story is set up.  It makes it so once the story really starts you know a lot about the world they live in.  Which again made the book better. So many authors don't do that and it makes it so you are staggering around this world with no knowledge.

Although this book is not as fast as some others Ive read that was fine as well.  It makes you want to read it.  I didn't want to put it down.  I wanted to know what was going to happen next!  So if you are going to read this make sure you have time on your hands.  Cause you won't want to put it down.

The setting, characters, and over all story were fab! I have to say that Im glad that this one is a series and not a stand alone since there is so much that can be done.  And so much happened. If you are a lover of dystopian than this is deff. one you should pick up.
Go Into This One Knowing 
5 POVs, slow pacing, homosexual couples 

"All opinions are 100% honest and my own." 

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Thais Pampado said...

This books seems great. I love dystopias, specially if the world is well explained.
I think that, if I were tossed into a world of magic, I would try to learn as much as I could to be able to survive in that world.

Elizabeth said...

I guess it would depend on a lot of things (the type of magic, the government, the people, etc.) If I was actually tossed into a world with magic, I'd probably break down and sob my eyes out

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