Tuesday, May 12, 2015

#Top10Tuesday: Ten Authors I REALLY Want To Meet #Hosted @brokeandbookish

Here is my 2nd post for Top Ten Tuesdays!  This weeks list is about 10 authors that I would so love to meet!  So here is my list! 
Links should link to Goodreads. And these are not in any particular order 
1.  author of the Twilight Saga 
This would be because once upon a time I would read this series once a year.  That has gone down but I think I will still pick it up for a reread ever once in a while.  I loved that series and hope for more. 

2.  author of The Throne of Glass series and A Court of Thorn and Roses series 
Well duh!  I LOVE her books!  Right after finishing A Court of Thron and Roses I preordered it on amazon!  
She has such a great voice in her stories!  

3.  author of the Revenants series and After the End series
Well she lives over seas so the odds of seeing her are prob few and far.  But I really LOVE her After the End series!  

4.  author of the Shadow Hunters Chronicles 
Well who wouldn't want to meet her?  I mean REALLY!!!! I have the tattoos from the first trilogy on my arm!  Of course I want to meet her! 

5./6.  &  Author of the House of Night Series 
This is a set of people that I would love to meet.  I will be doing a reading challenge to read all of the books in that series one after the other prob in July! Which is also my bday month lol. 

6.  author of the Star-crossed Series and Trial by Fire. 
So far all of her books I've devoured and loved!  So of course I want to meet her. 

7.  author the Lux series as well as Dont Look Back
Ok so far everything I've read from her has been amazing as well. So ya I want to meet her to get stuff signed. Which is pretty much all of these authors. lol 

8.  Author of the Grisha series 
Well this year if by chance I get into Geeky Con here in Orlando, FL.  I will get to see her since she will be there.  Hopefully I will get some stuff signed. 

9.  Author of the Selection Series 
Well duh if you know me.  This is one of my fav. series. I would pretty much almost kill to see her (Just kidding) 

10.  author First Born and Hit
Well although Hit wasn't for me as far as I remember.  But her first book First Born was AMAZING!!!!!!!

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I agree with 1, 2, 4, 5, and 9!!!

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