June 11, 2015

#KindleFirst #June #Picks!

So what is Kindle First? 
Kindle First is a program that offers customers early access to new Kindle books across popular genres from Amazon Publishing.
  • Prime members are automatically eligible for Kindle First.
  • Every month Prime members can choose one of the four books selected by Amazon Publishing editors for free.
  • Kindle First books can be read on any Kindle device or free Kindle reading app and become part of customers’ permanent libraries.
  • Prime members can sign up to receive a monthly e-mail announcing new Kindle First picks. You can unsubscribe from the monthly e-mail at any time by visiting AmazonLocal and Amazon Delivers E-mail Subscriptions in Your Account.

Please also note:
  • Kindle First on Amazon.com is available to US customers only.
  • Prime invitees are not eligible for free downloads.
  • Kindle First books downloaded for free cannot be returned.
  • Kindle Unlimited subscribers can borrow Kindle First books for free when they are released. Learn more about Kindle Unlimited
  • Please note: Kindle Unlimited subscribers can borrow these Kindle First books when they are officially released on July 1, 2015.

So I thought that I could do a great monthly post for this!  It will get some eBooks off my kindle and well I get to bring 4 extra books to your attention.  So lets start.  This month these are up for Kindle First!

All covers link to amazon! So click them to learn more.

So comment which one do you think I'm going to grab?  The review for it will post the last day of the month. The stuff below each book is not via me.  Its via amazon Just so you know.

Psychological Thriller

As an editor, I occasionally find an author with talent so remarkable that it would be a disservice not to share that talent with readers. Loreth Anne White is such an author. Read more 

Legal Thriller

I was instantly pulled into this fast-paced, comic romp through Miami’s seedy nightlife and even seedier courtrooms. With colorful characters like Nadia the Bar girl, Gorev the gangster, and Benny the Jeweler, it’s only a matter of time before shots start flying and... Read more 

Contemporary Fiction

This is a story about imperfect love. 

It hooked me from the start. A woman on a plane swallows back what she thinks is heartburn. Ella simply cannot get sick. She’s long been the backbone of her family—taking care of everything and everyone. By the.. Read more 

Urban Fantasy

I’ve known demons. I’ve met angels. I’ve seen otherworldly powers wielded to cause harm and to accomplish great deeds. Sure, this has only happened in the pages of books, but I can easily say that I’ve never seen supernatural creatures come together in as riveting and.. Read more 

So which one do you think I'm going to snag this month?

 Disclaimer: Thanks to Goodreads and Amazon for the book cover, about the book, and author information. If you can not see the link above you will need to turn off your spam blocker. Buying via these above links allows my site to get a % of the sale at no cost to you. This money gets used to buy items for giveaways.



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