October 04, 2015

#Giveaway #IndieBF15: Birth of the Phoenix (Ceaseless #1) by @maringirl5

As Ember celebrates her 18th birthday, she struggles to find her true purpose in life. In a world where men rule and women are viewed as objects to obtain, love is often placed last on the list. But everything changes when Elijah, the son of a Native Shaman enters her life. Knowing true love for the first time, Ember's heart is broken when her father forbids her from seeing him again. Manipulated into marrying a man she doesn't love, Ember finds herself trapped in a sadistic game, fighting to find a way back to her soul mate, Elijah. Will a reincarnation spell that binds their souls together be enough to save their love in this lifetime? Ceaseless takes you on a magical journey of love and betrayal that will leave you asking; what happens next?! 
 About the Author


Mindy Marin was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. She has a background in the entertainment industry and works as an independent contractor in film and television as a production assistant. She pursued writing as another expression of her creativity to coexist with her love of music and art. Ceaseless: Birth of the Phoenix is the first book in the Ceaseless series and Mindy's first published work. She's also a huge comic book nerd and will read or watch anything to do
with superheroes, science fiction or fantasy!
Mindy is a mother of three and currently lives in Tampa, Florida with her husband Alex and two younger children. 

OMG OMG OMG I Loved this book!  From the start I was sucked into Ember's journey to find herself and to follow her heart.  This was such a great book with awesome characters.  Ember is such a great female lead.  She is real, with strengths and weaknesses, as well as flaws.  Elijah was also great and I think he is going to be one of those great Book Boyfriends.  He is so brave not to mention yummy.  As for Gabriel many times I just wanted to slap him.  

The story was a great one and I loved this story so much.  I am addicted to stories that deal with past lives and reincarnation and this one shouldn't be missed! 

 Go Into This One Knowing 
Fans of The Kiss of Deception will love this! 

"All opinions are 100% honest and my own." 

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