October 20, 2015

#Review #Giveaway of Brazen (Gilded #3) by @christinafarley with #Interview

Sworn to an ancient god of darkness, Jae Hwa fights to gain her freedom and restore the balance of Korea… but first she must gain back the trust of her loved ones.

Jae Hwa Lee spent her sixteenth year in Seoul, trying to destroy the evil immortals who had been torturing her family for centuries. The last thing she expected was to be forced to become their assassin. Trapped in the darkest part of the Spirit World as a servant to the Korean god Kud, fighting to keep her humanity, and unable to contact her loved ones, Jae Hwa is slowly losing hope. Kud, god of darkness, will do anything to keep her as a pawn in his quest for power over all of Korea, her entire family thinks she’s dead, and Jae’s true love, Marc, believes she is lost to him forever.

When Kud sends Jae to find and steal the powerful Black Turtle orb, Jae sees an opportunity to break free and defeat Kud once and for all…but first she needs to regain Marc’s trust and work with him to vanquish the darkness that threatens to overwhelm Korea. There’s much to lose as Jae struggles to save the land she’s come to call home.
Christina Farley was born and raised in upstate New York. As a child, she loved to explore, which later inspired her to jump on a plane and travel the world. She taught at international schools in Asia for ten years, eight of which were in the mysterious and beautiful city of Seoul, Korea that became the setting of Gilded. Currently she lives in Clermont, FL with her husband and two sons—that is until the travel itch whisks her off to a new unknown. Gilded is her first novel.

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So I know your wondering.  Why didnt this one get 5 amazing stars.  Well for me I really wanted more of an ending.  Over the course of these books I have been drawn into their lives.  And I would have really loved to see an epilogue set 5 or 10 years into the future so we knew what was going on.  Other than that this book was on par with the other two!  

These are def. books that you shouldnt read back to back.  Put a few other books in-between and they feel kind of repeaty if you don't.  Since I was reading them back to back to back.  I found myself skimming over sections that were just there to bring the reader up to date.  So putting some other titles in between these would work out great.  Then those sections would just help you along the way.  

The characters in this one grow even more as each page turns and the ending was very good other than no epilogue. This is one fantasy series that everyone should read!  

 Go Into This One Knowing 
Breathtaking Story of Empowerment! 

"All opinions are 100% honest and my own." 

So what are some of the Mythological creatures readers will encounter in this series? Here are a few! 

Haechi: A legendary creature, resembling a lion but in fact is a fire-eating dog and guardian against disaster and prejudice.

Tiger of Shinshi: protects the Golden Thread which ties and binds the Korean people throughout time that must not be broken

Blue Dragon: Guardian of the clouds

White Tiger: Guardian of the winds

Black Turtle: Guardian of rain

Red Phoenix: Guardian of fire

Dragons (yong): has tiger feet, 4 toes/claws on each foot, 9-81 scales on their backs, no wings, long beard

Dokkaebi: gremlin, trickster

Imoogi: half-dragon, must wait a 1,000 years to become a real dragon

Kumiho: nine-tailed fox

Samjoko: three-legged bird

Haemosu: demi-god of the sun

Princess Yuhwa: demi-goddess of the willow trees

Oryonggeo: the Five Dragon Chariot

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