August 12, 2016

10 Questions and Answers for #Witches #Pagans #Wiccans

Thank you for checking out my site!   I really hope that you have been enjoying the past posts from the site The Pagan Reader.  Here are 10 Questions that I've been asked over the years. 

1. We as Witches Do Not worship evil. We believe that all things are in balance. So everyone has good and bad in them. Its up to you to decide what to nurture. 

2. Witches do not worship Satan. Satan is a creation of Christianity. So many times in history the gods of old become the devils of the new. 

3. Black is not evil. Many religious clergy use black as black in history is known for absorbing light and energy. A great saying from a young adult novel tells us that Light does not always bring good as Dark does not always equate evil. This is the perfect quote to explain this. White is a combination of all light and we as pagans and witches wear white to things like funerals to reflect the light and energy of the one who has passed on. In another book also Young Adult it tells us that White is the true color of death. 

4. Witches do not have evil marks or characteristics such as green faces, worts, or witches marks. We look just like everyone else. We are fat and skinny, short and tall. 

5. A witch is a witch regardless of gender. The word Warlock is a Scottish word meaning oath breaker. So if someone calls themselves a Warlock you are better off leaving. 

6. No matter how cool it would be. Esp. for us Harry Potter fans. We as witches do not and can not fly on booms. This was once a ritual to help making the crops grow. As people would ride on the brooms and leap into the air to show the crops how high to grow. 

7. Us as witches we do spells. Think of this as a prayer or a wish. Everyone has done a spell in their life. Think about blowing out the candles on a birthday cake. That is the simplest form of a spell. It is a wish with intent. 

8. Three Fold Law. Most witches follow some kind of rule or law. For my it is Karma. Whatever I send into the world be it bad or good will come back to me three times fold. We do not believe that we must wait until the end of days or until death to get whats coming to us. We believe you must be responsible for your actions in this life not the next. 

9. Witches have both a Goddess and God. There are some covens (groups) that lean more towards one or the other. But for us Pagans it is always about balance. The dark light, male female, etc. For most witches we have a patron deity or deities. For me it is the greek/roman deities Heckate and Janus. 

10. Pentacle and Pentagrams. We do wear these but so do the Texas police lol. The Pentacle and Pentagram is just a fancy word for star. Pentacles have a circle around them and stands for the balance of the elements (Earth, Fire, Air, Water, with the upper most point representing Spirit). The Pentagram is a star without a circle. 

10. Witches Do wear a Pentacle, which is a five-pointed star in a circle, with the single-point upwards. The five points stand for the four elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, and the top point for the Divine Spirit. The Pentagram stands for the same thing. The only difference between the two is that the Pentacle with the circle around the elements includes the cycle of life. 

I hope that these 10 answers to the most request questions helps you on your quest. If you have any others please let me know.

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