August 11, 2016

#Review of The Raven Faerie Store

Hello this post is going to be all about the store located here in Lakeland, FL.  I love doing reviews. If you love to read (normal not just pagan) books then you should check out my other site Http:// I am trying to keep them separate just for the fact that well this is faith and that isn't. 

The Raven Faerie

Ok so today I went over to this store and started looking around. They have a pretty good range of crystals to choose from. They have some books and tarot cards as well.  The set up is pretty nice. However I think they need more items in the back room that branches off.  It seems a little empty in the one section.  But all in all it is a beautiful store.  I really loved the sitting area as well as the tarot table. It was not completely secluded but had a really nice feel to it. The throne that sits in the store is also wonderfully magickal. 

They have some one of a kind items that I have never seen before from wood men statues to some really neat copper balls.  They have a small selection of jewelry and some really cute coffee mugs from around $3.00 and up.  

The only thing I didn't like about the store was that a lot of the crystals were very high priced.  They also had some leather bag that were around $30+ and I thought from my experience it was a little high.  

So this store gets 


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