Thursday, January 11, 2018

Updates: Endy is ok!!

Hey guys if you dont know we had a really big scare back on the 8th.  Endy was sent home from school and went to the doctor at around 4pm later that night.  She then ended up being carted off to the ICU here in Lakeland.  It seems that she has Type 1 Diabeties. She is ok and we are finally home (thank the gods). 2 nights in the ICU are not fun at all for anyone.  She is now on the meds she needs for the condition and we are getting though this one day at a time. 

A few people have asked about sending her care packages which we thank you for. It was a pretty big shock to find this out. Please email me or find us on social media if you would like to send one.  

Whoever sent us the gift card to walmart thanks!! This is going to help out a lot with buying food!!! Eating has never been so much trouble. 

If you would like to donate you can do so to our paypal account 


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