July 09, 2021

#BookReview: Elves, Witches & Gods: Spinning Old Heathen Magic in the Modern Day by Cat Heath, Patricia M Lafayllve

Synopsis: Weave the Threads of Ancient Heathen Magic into Your Life

Journey into the fascinating depths of Heathenry with this tremendous source of history, inspiration, and practical information. Based on decades of research and experimentation, Elves, Witches & Gods provides explanations and hands-on techniques for galdr, seidr, fiber magic, herb craft, journeying, going under the cloak, and connecting with deities and elves.

Working with authentic source material, Cat Heath has carefully pieced together and recreated Heathen magic techniques, and she shares the theories, skills, and tools you need to begin or deepen your own practice. This book introduces you to deities such as the Spinning Goddess, the Spear God, Odin, and Ingvi-Freyr. You will discover recipes, spells, and prayers, as well as learn how to work with specific oils and charms. Whether you are interested in using magic to influence your fate or you want to take a deep dive into the craft of the helrune and the v�lva, this book's guidance will help you take the next steps on the Heathen path.

Includes a foreword by Patricia M. LaFayllve, author of A Practical Heathen's Guide to Asatru


Rating: 5 Stars
My Review:  
This is an absolute must for any one who practices or is interested in Heathen Magic. It includes a comprehensive section on the history and foundations of Heathen Magic as well as the deities involved. Then it goes into basic spell work, the tools needed, and some wonderful recipes, spells, and rituals. I found the entire book fascinating and was never bored. It has been added to the top of my list of books to recommend to those interested in this type of Magic.


"Travel with me now, from the history of Heathen magic, to snowy mountain top shrines and the sacred thread that connects goddesses of the spun fiber. Elves, Witches, and Gods is a gripping journey that blends scholarship, with stories of the Gods and those that seek them with ritual practice to deepen your connection to the Gods and looking within yourself. Brilliantly written, I can't wait to see what Catherine Heath brings us next."―Amy Blackthorn, author of Blackthorn's Botanical Magic and Sacred Smoke

"The Elder Heathen lived in an Animist world of spirits, ancestors, elves, magic, rich lore, and living Gods and Goddesses. Cat Heath teaches a real system of magic steeped in that elder world with all the real experimentation required to bring it to life today. She gives you a no-nonsense, practical step-by-step method to understand the lore, connect to these powers, and begin your magical journey in a way so few have explored in rich detail. Here you find the guidance and wisdom to become a Helrune."―Lonnie Scott, coauthor of Elhaz Ablaze: Compendium of Chaos Heathenry and host of Weird Web Radio

"This is a lace up your boots, grab your sword and shield, and get down to business book on advanced Heathen magic. Cat has gone well past the introductory volumes to give the practicing Heathen a second level of magic. Her first part is a comprehensive overview of advanced basics that most never get to learn. By the time you reach her second part, practice, you are ready for lessons in fiber, herbs, oils, rituals, and all the other day-to-day practices that you perform during the year. If you weren't grounded in Heathenism before you will be now."―Gypsey Teague, author of A Witch's Guide to Wands and Steampunk Magic

"In Elves, Witches, and Gods, Heath surpasses the sum of all components of her research, magical work, and community efforts. Here in one book, Heath shares her knowledge she has attained of the deities and wights. Heath's descriptions are unique in that they include not only what to do when working with various beings or deities; they also provide cautions and warnings about what not to do. This book is a tremendous source of inspiration, insight, and information for Heathens of all tradition and experience levels."―Robert Schreiwer, author of First Book of Urglaawe Myths

About the Author

Cat Heath is the founder of the Cult of the Spinning Goddess and cofounder of the Open Halls Project. She holds membership in the Shenandoah Valley–based Great Valley Kindred as well as the Troth. Cat has led ritual and taught classes both locally at in-person events, online, and as a co-presenter on the 2018 Land Sea Sky "Travel Hiddenfolk, Witches, and Elves" tour of Iceland. Cat hails from Lancashire, England, and has come to call Maryland home after a decade and a half of magical and mundane adventures across three continents. Further writings can be found at her home on the web seohelrune.com.

Since 1996, Patricia M. Lafayllve has lectured and performed rituals throughout the United States. She is a member of Two Ravens Kindred and The Troth, where she has served as Steward, High Steward, Godwoman, Rede member, and Steerswoman. Patricia is the founder of The Troth’s Lore Program and served as its Provost. She lives in Southeastern Connecticut. Visit her online at walkyrja.wordpress.com.

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