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#BookReview: Guided Tarot for Teens: A Beginner's Guide to Card Meanings, Spreads, and Trust in Your Intuition by Stefanie Caponi

Synopsis: Adapted from the best seller Guided Tarot with over 2400 reviews, this essential guide is a must-have for teens ready to embrace the wisdom of their inner voice through understanding tarot cards.

With tarot, you have the power to unlock wisdom beyond your years. A tool for cultivating intuition, it allows you to celebrate your truth and release resistance, fear, or doubt. For beginner tarot readers, learning the cards--all 78 of them--and understanding how to use spreads may seem daunting. Tarot expert Stefanie Caponi explains that interpreting the cards is a blend of knowing the card meanings, listening to your heart, and trusting your inner knowing. In this fully-illustrated book, Guided Tarot for Teens, she offers easy exercises to nurture and grow your intuition, not only to understand the cards' universal meanings, but to channel your own meanings. This comprehensive guide also shows you how to attune your energy to the deck for more accurate readings. With this book as a companion to your deck, you'll learn more about yourself, get divine guidance with life decisions, and overcome obstacles in your relationships--all while celebrating your unique gifts and honoring your higher self.

Guided Tarot for Teens features: 

Guided exercises to strengthen your intuition and tarot interpretation skills
Illustrated tarot card profiles with astrological, numerological, and elemental combinations, guidance for career, love, and spiritual life, and key upright and reversed meanings
Beginner's tools offering step-by-step advice to prepare for readings, such as attuning your energy to the deck
Introductory spreads for different types of inquiries, including a deconstruction of the Celtic Cross to help beginners practice it with ease
Quick reference chart with all the card images and meanings

This title will be released on August 23, 2022.


Rating: 4 Stars
My Review: Perfect for beginners who wish to learn about the Tarot. This was easy to understand and I think teens who wish to learn more will enjoy this one.  It has everything you need to start working with the cards in an easy format.  


"I could not recommend Guided Tarot for Teens enough for any teen new to tarot. I remember being a teen and purchasing my first tarot deck, the Rider Waite Smith deck. I only had access to the little white booklet that came with the deck. That little booklet was so hard to understand and kept me in the dark. Stefanie's Guided Tarot for Teens would have been a dream to me if it had existed. This is a wonderfully written book to start your journey with. It's easy to comprehend and it has everything you could need from; learning the history of tarot, how to choose a deck, what different options there are for purifying the deck. Stefanie even shares ways to connect with your intuition in order to trust yourself. She gives inspiration to creating your own deck and shares tips for conducting readings, how to interpret cards, exercises to connect with the cards, fresh tarot spreads to try yourself and has a section answering common questions that any beginner has. I will be gifting this guide book with tarot decks to my future teen." –Rachel Larraine Crawford, holistic interior designer, Feng Shui expert, and host of Bewitching The Home podcast

"Stefanie dedicates Guided Tarot for Teens to her teenage self, and then manages to write a guide that acts as a balm to all of our teenage selves who knew we belonged to something bigger. She unveils the mysteries and complexities of the tarot in accessible terms and includes many chances for personal reflection - making this a staple in every young person's journey toward strengthened intuition. Not only is this an incredible introduction to tarot, but it enables the kind of introspection teens deserve at the first of many important crossroads in their lives." Kendra Austin, author of The Realest Oracle

"This is the must-have Tarot book for teens. It gives you easy to follow guidance to read the cards and sharpen your own intuition. The Tarot questions will get you doing some soul searching and spark some a-ha moments with in you. Its a great book for learning tarot, navigating boundaries with friends and most importantly... finding your own voice." –Latha Jay, spiritual manifestation coach & author of Law of Attraction Manifestation Journal

"This is a tarot guide I wish I had in my teenage years to strengthen my relationship with the metaphysical world. Stefanie does such a wonderful job breaking down the tarot basics in simple yet insightful terms and empowers readers to connect to their own inner compass. I believe this book to be a valuable asset to anyone who wants to learn and dive deeper with tarot."Hae Lee of Stay And Vibe, Reiki master & author

About the Author

Stefanie Caponi is a professional tarot reader with more than twenty years' experience. She is the author of Guided Tarot and illustrator of The Gifts That Bind Us. She first established her business after creating her tarot deck, The Moon Void Tarot. Her work is centered on exploring shadow work, healing, and creativity using tarot as a vehicle to access the hidden realms of the self. 

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