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#BookReview: Darkborn Messiah by Tyler Nomax #DarkbornMessiah

Synopsis: Wake up, Work, Obey, Worship, Repeat.
What a world…

What would happen if a beautiful redhead demon told a suicidal wealthy businessman that he was chosen to be the messiah to save humanity and took him on a journey through time and space filled with pain, suffering, hope, self-discovery, and ascension?

A genre-bending supernatural transformation story dealing with the modern world's devastating problems. A unique book guaranteed to be the first of its kind.

Wealthy family man William Rudned was not as happy or satisfied with his life as he appeared. No amount of money, privilege or popularity was enough to extinguish the fire of anger and misery inside him. In the midst of a profound depression and thoughts of suicide, he was relentlessly questioning the meaning of existence and the way of the world we live in. It was getting harder and harder for him to get out of bed every single day only to go through the same aimless vicious cycle all over again. There was something terrible and beautiful inside him, growing, prospering, and consuming his soul.

Why are we here? What is life? Is this modern world system the only way we can live? Do we really need money? Is capitalism the only way? Are we being told the truth about God? Do we need religion? What is the purpose of it all? Can there be a better world? A world where everyone lives in prosper, a world where there are no wars, where all are equal, where people are virtuous and honest? Is there an unknown power that prevents us from reaching our perfect selves, our conscious and enlightened selves?

Only after meeting a beautiful demon named Milena, who guides him on a journey through time and space hell-bent on grooming him to be the messiah of the future world, will he find the answers he seeks. But his metamorphosis to be the savior of mankind is no easy task and the road to enlightenment is paved with desolation, pain, suffering, and most of all, his inner demons.

In his d├ębut novel, Tyler Nomax takes the reader to various terrifying and tragic lives of everyday people via parallel universes and timelines in a manner that challenges the norms that we accept and obey unquestioningly, turns them upside down and offers solutions to usher in a paradise for the human race. Nomax does not shy away from declaring war on everything people have taken for granted and considered the way since time immemorial; Organized Religion and Patriarchy, Money, Capitalism, Royalty, Political Systems, Technology and every other aspect of modern life that he claims brings humanity closer to ruin every passing day.


Rating: 4 Stars
My Review: 
This book reminded me of the age old saying that money won’t buy you happiness. And although I am one to say that’s wrong because I don’t have money. Who knows how that would change if I would have been like William. There comes a point in life that you realize that money may not be everything. And to find true happiness you have to really look at the world around you. I felt so much for William reading this amazing story. The writing although hard for me to understand at times. Was a magnificent tale that I won’t soon forget. 

Favorite passages: 

“But real happiness lies in the joy of the struggle. In the hardships that forge you like a masterpiece of steel. You need to give in to the struggle, so that you may flourish. But give into the worldly property and bodily desires, then this world will devour you piece by piece, until you are nothing but an empty shell. Useless, worthless and soon enough lifeless,” 

"There is no evil; there is no good, there is only power."

“You need to feed your soul with science, arts, music, philosophy...” 

“You two-faced vulture”

Tyler Nomax writes metaphysical tales focused on the philosophical aspects of modern society, political and economic systems, organized religion, and the way of the world today as a whole. As a man born into a prominent family business, Tyler has known wealth, power, and privilege all his life and concluded that not only do the material belongings and synthetic relations arising from politically correct behaviors bring happiness, they make one miserable, depressed and unfulfilled. 

He believes that the current way of the world is rotten to the core, people have become slaves of a few evil elites disguised as monarchs, patrons of finance, and holy men, and it must go through a dramatic change in human values, ethics, religious behaviors, and economic systems. 

In his first ever book, Tyler Nomax explores the inner aspects of the human soul, living conditions, beliefs, and social values through the eyes of a man who has been taken on a journey through spacetime and to alternate worlds by a beautiful demon named Milena, only to see the real world as it is, suffer through it and come out the other side as the savior of the humankind.

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