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#BookReview: Blood of The Hunted by @MarcMicciola @BistroBookBitch

Synopsis: The Resistance Is Rising

Weylyn, Olwen, and other members of the marginalized and subjugated group known as the Tóráin are trying every day to gain equality and freedom. Their enemies, which consist of vile human monarchs, their soldiers, and a masked witch assassin known only as The Dove, continue to tighten their grip around the necks of the Tóráin.

Leading The Resistance, Weylyn and Olwen endure many trials that test them physically and mentally, relying on their loved ones to keep them from losing hope. They both wish to see a time of equality and peace, but to achieve that requires more than what they have. Desperation leads The Resistance to find new allies all across the continent of Kosavros with the goal of finally defeating their oppressive overseers.

Their fight for freedom and respect leads Weylyn and Olwen down paths that open their eyes to new dangers, both involving themselves and the rest of the world. However, they do not waiver. For the Tóráin are known for their resilience, and they have already endured much. What comes next will be hard, but they’re ready to fight for their lives. Together.


Rating: 4 Stars
My Review: Call me crazy but I devoured this one in two sittings. (stupid work) I think it could have been a series and I would have read every book at least twice.  I dived in and didn't want to stop ever!! It was dark and well paced and I just loved the characters so much.  I hope to read more from this author in the future.  I have been addicted to all things werewolf since those pay by chapter apps started gaining steam and all the Facebook adds have been popping up for them.  So this was exactly what I was looking for. 

Rating: 3 Stars
My Review: This was a dark book about werewolves and I did enjoy it for the most part. I just thought that it was a tad too long and that it didn't really bring anything new to the world of these beings. Nothing was really exciting to me and it just felt like it was going through the motions.  Nothing to really talk to other readers about and be all OMG you have to read this because it was amazing kind of vibes.  It was just so so.  

Rating: 1 Star
My Review: Unfortunately for me I found this one boring and far too long.  I kept finding myself creating excuses on why I couldn't get back to it and just decided that after milking it for about a week or so that it was time to just call it quits.  Overall, this one was not for me.  


"Author Marc R. Micciola is a masterful storyteller. I found his writing exciting and easy to follow as he vividly paints a vast world full of danger and intrigue.The descriptiveness in his writing style is flawless, leaving the reader emotionally invested as the story unfolds." - Reader Views
Marc R. Micciola crafts a really diverse cast of characters and fleshes out the landscape, culture, social structure, and the nee

Hey there,

So after years and years of writing for myself, I finally decided it was time to write for someone else and became a published author. Being an author was a dream of mine when I was younger, but I had abandoned all hope since it seemed unattainable. Guess I proved myself wrong, eh?

My life is a simple one. I live with my two dogs, Ace and Rielly, in Canada and I got to say that it's pretty awesome. Those two buggers make it difficult to stay down for too long and I love them for that. When I'm not writing I'm usually watching hockey (Go Leafs!), spending time behind my camera, enjoying a good video game or just relaxing with my good pal called Netflix.

I'm a huge fan of Lord of the Rings; I even own a foam version of Andruil, Aragorn's sword. The book series and the films both drew me into fantasy and led me to wishing to create my own worlds. Authors that inspired me are Jonathan Stroud, Tom Lloyd, Christopher Paolini, Mark Lawrence, George RR Martin, and of course good old JRR Tolkein.

These brilliant fantasy writers each displayed styles that I would slowly come to try to reflect in my own writing and world building, with ideas leading to short stories, which eventually led to my very first novel. However, I should say that I wouldn't be where I am today without my best friend, Mackenzie, and my therapist, Natasha. Those two wonderful women helped give me the confidence to go for this career path and I will forever be thankful for their support.

I write my books in the hopes that they provide the solace and escape for someone that fantasy novels give me. The idea that someone could possibly read my books and be inspired to write their own is exhilarating too. Most of all, I write because I know what a good story can do. It can make people feel not so alone, it can inspire and encourage creativity. It can give that tiny bit of peace that's needed to get through the day. If I can provide that for even just one person during my career, then I know this will all be worth it.

Here's hoping you enjoy my books! Happy reading!

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