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#BookReview: Of Blood and Aether (Harbingers, #1) by @harperhawthorne @RRBookTours1


Of Blood and Aether (Harbingers #1)

Publication Date: April 17, 2024

Genre: Dark Fantasy Romance

Shadow Daddy MMC
Dual POV
Dark Prophecy/Dangerous Secrets
Tension/Angst/So Much Yearning
Slow Burn/ Scorching Spice
Addictive Banter
Arcane University
Increasingly Questionable Interpretations of the Word "Platonic"

A rare conduit of Light, drawn to the Shadows. A spymaster who can’t seem to stay away.

For as long as she can remember, Arken Asher has been searching for answers—driven by an insatiable hunger, a need to understand the meaning behind her dangerous arcane secrets. She’s finally taken that leap into the unknown, leaving her simple life behind to attend the Arcane Studium: a prestigious college of magickal arts & sciences nestled in the heart of Sophrosyne: the City of the Gods.

As the Scouting & Reconnaissance Captain of the Elder Guard, Kieran Vistarii deals in Shadows, blood and subterfuge. Scarred by his past but dedicated to safeguarding Sophrosyne’s future, Kieran’s self-imposed isolation is easily masked by charm and cocksure energy. Strange disappearances have kept his cadre busy as of late, and yet the captain finds himself sidetracked, distracted by the inexplicable allure of a certain golden-eyed Conduit and her curious mind.

They both know better than to get involved, but the Fates have other plans. The dark threads of prophecy were woven long ago, and the ties that bind just might be what it takes to mend these broken, star-crossed souls… or what forges a deadly bond that could damn them all.

Of Blood & Aether is the first book in the Harbingers series, a captivating and character-driven dark romantasy saga. Rife with sizzling tension, gut-wrenching angst, addictive banter and ever-growing stakes, the Harbingers series is perfect for fans of A Court of Thorns & Roses, Fourth Wing and From Blood & Ash.

CW: This book is intended for adults only, and contains subject matter that may be difficult or disturbing for some readers. Sensitive material includes, but is not limited to: frequent profanity, violence, torture, murder, child abduction, the tattooing of a child without consent (on-page), emotional abuse, explorations of implied mental illness (depression, anxiety) & neurodivergency (adhd, autism), socio-economic power imbalances, frequent mentions of blood, references to cults and sex work. 

Of Blood & Aether also contains explicit, open-door sexual content, as well as explorations of kink and BDSM themes that will escalate over the course of the series. 

Reader discretion is advised. 

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We're celebrating the release of stunning new dark fantasy novel, Of Blood and Aether by Harper Hawthorne! Read on for more details!

Rating: 4 Stars
My Review: This world and book grabbed me right from the start and I could not put it down.  The world building and magic system were spot on and man I loved every second of them.  the world was a little hard to keep track of at times. But the book map really helped keep it straight.  The romance in this story was so amazing and I loved every page of it.  So if you love romance heavy stories check this one out as the romance takes the lead in this one.  I cannot wait for the next one.  

About the Author

Harper Hawthorne is an adult fantasy, romance & speculative fiction author in love with telling dark, emotionally evocative, and character-driven tales. Her stories feature neurodivergent experiences, honest explorations of mental health, and queer-normative worlds in her favored realms of fantasy.

Though she was born and raised on the beaches of Los Angeles, CA, she currently resides in the forests of the East Coast with her husband, her collie, and a demonic entity disguised in the form of a very large tuxedo cat.

When not lost in the throes of drafting one to three novels simultaneously, she can be found wandering the woods, hunting for mushrooms, befriending local frogs, practicing witchcraft and screaming into the void.

Harper Hawthorne



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