August 19, 2014

#Tuesday #TMI #10: A Note to Authors about Contacts and Giveaways

Welcome to my #10th posting of TMI Tuesdays.  This week is a short little note to authors dealing with giveaways


Ok so this week I'm talking about author done giveaways.  Now don't get me wrong I love winning giveaway items.  But in the future you might want to see if the person winning the giveaway needs the item that you are giving away.  
Over the past week or so I won 2 $50 gift cards to an online glasses place called Warby Parker and don't get me wrong thats awesome but well I didn't really need new glasses.  Myself and my husband just spent over 400 getting new ones back in May.  So I attempted to contact the author to see if I could send them back and maybe get a $50 amazon gift card or something instead.  But I never heard from her.  Which is the next issue.


On the note card I got with the cards was the authors email.  Telling me that if I hadn't gotten the books that were sent I was to email her.  Well I have 4 times so far.  5 now that I'm typing this.  And I still have not gotten a reply.  I have even tweeted to her with no reply.  So authors if you are going to TELL someone to contact you if they have an issue um you MIGHT want to get back with them sooner than never.  I mean I understand if you are on tour or something which is that is the case set a vacation response or something.  But when I actively try to track you down and event tweet to you seeing that you have posting things all day and you still ignore me that is a great way to loose fans.  Esp when YOU told ME to contact you.  

Go Into This One Knowing

Authors if you are going to do a giveaway that is over $10 make sure the item is something the winner wants.  Like this I didn't even know I entered.  It was part of her tour. So if she would have asked hey Jessica you won my tour giveaway its for $100 what would you like?  I would have been like well you could do an amazon gc or paypal cash.  As that $100 would have paid a bill or gotten some stuff like diapers etc. via amazon.  Not me having to pay an extra $30 if I wanted to get the classes.  So right now I've got $100 in Warby Parker gift cards that I can't do anything with.  I have tried to trade them with someone else online with no help.  I only want to trade for $50-$75 worth of Paypal cash or Amazon GC either is fine.

But also please don't ignore us if you told us to contact you its rude.

"All opinions are 100% honest and my own."


I won a TFIOS poster a while back and never got it, so I contacted the blog and told them. It took a while for the person to get back to me, but last week they told me they were sorry cause it never shipped. So I am waiting for it now.

I'm sorry this happened to you. I still have some books from authors/blogs that I still haven't gotten in over a year. :/

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