August 09, 2015

#SBPT: How many books do you read a month? How many do you wish you could read? with @timeturningread

This week we have Preethi via Time Turning Reads! 
 About the Author
Hi there! My name is Preethi and and I’m a twelfth grader who has to start working her butt off in order to get into college. However, that mighty goal of mine is often hindered by my obsession with books, books, and more books! Yes, it’s true, I’m just another bibliophile lost in a world that doesn’t seem to have handsome, romantic vampires or tear-worthy love triangles. And that’s why I decided to partake in this adventure, so that I can discuss all things books with other book-lovers all over the world.

Time Turning Reads (Preethi)

Twitter: @timeturningread

  How many books do you read a month? 
How many do you wish you could read?

Hi Jessica! 

The number of books I read a month varies from month to month. It usually depends on how much free time I have, whether I'm more into blogging or reading that specific month, and of course, how many releases I'm excited for haha. Going off of just this year alone, the highest number of books I read in a month was twenty-four books in January; my lowest was 13 books in April. The average for 2015 so far seems to be about 18-19 books a month.

wish I could finish one book a day! I did this in 2013 - I finished 367 books that year, but honestly I lost so much sleep and I hope I never do that again. Even if I did do that though, I doubt I'd ever get my TBR down to a reasonable number XD

Thank you so much for the wonderful questions, Jessica. Thanks for having me on your blog!

"All opinions are 100% honest and my own." 

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