November 16, 2015

#Review Of Dragons:The Essential Ties By Ricardo Chevere

Sorcerers, wizards, and witches use magic for evil. But as long as there are dragons in the world, there are champions ready to stand against them. 

Borys knows little of such matters, but he does have a faint memory that seems to suggest that dragons are to blame for the death of his parents. He yearns to know more about these creatures, and in his quest for answers, he comes across a mystical craft that takes him down the abominable path of magic. He’ll now learn more than he ever bargained for about these elusive creatures. And he’ll also discover terrible things he can do with his newfound powers. 

Alanna almost drowns at her father’s marina. The only reason she lives is because David jumps in the water after her, even though he doesn’t know how to swim. David becomes a local hero, but Alanna cannot understand why she survived. Now, she’s back in town seeking answers. 

Heroes and villains alike are about to discover that nothing magic touches remains unchanged, especially in a world that still contains Dragons.

Ricardo was born and raised in Caguas, P.R., where he recieved a B.A. from the University of Puerto Rico, making the Dean's List. He taught Chinese martial arts (Kung Fu) for many years in college and his private school. In the state of Florida, where he lives now, he taught Spanish to high school students for nearly a decade as an I.B. teacher.

After publishing his first title in the fantasy genre, DRAGONS: The Essential Ties, he received the prestigious Julia De Burgos Award for his early success as a new Hispanic author.

So far, he has published the first two titles of his fantasy/adventure novel, DRAGONS, which he intends to make into a seven book series. These titles include:
The Essential Ties
The Fury

I had a hard time getting into this one, which really surprised me considering I'm a fan of anything really that has magic, dragons and all the fantasy rolled into one. I'm disappointed that I wasn't able to get into it, but I would still recommend this book to some because just because it wasn't my cup of tea doesn't mean it's not yours. 

 Go Into This One Knowing 


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