August 14, 2021

#BookReview: Every Student has a Secret by Teddy Baire

Synopsis: A novel that will catapult you, along with the protagonist, Safia, from a simple waitress at her family’s Cuban African-American diner, to a very secret school called Apex Academy, where the world's leaders are groomed for their purpose in the world. Determined to survive the school and not fall victim to its games. Safia must try to navigate the school's crazy rule system and keep herself points high enough to survive or risk servitude to the other students.

Along the way in her journey, she will make friends and enemies. But in a school where trust is limited and friends are never who they say they are, how will she survive this gambler's environment.


Rating: 1 Star
My Review: This one I grabbed because of the cover and well it wasn't all that good.  I ended up only getting about 20% into it before I decided to DNF. 

Go Into This One Knowing: extremely graphic sex scenes, Islamophobia, negative comments toward the LGBTQ+ community), non-consensual kissing (more than once), unhealthy “relationships”, violence, slavery~ From Goodreads Reader


-----One day a Teddy Baire was at work doing its job. But on its break for lunch it met a red-haired Panda. Teddy and the Panda began to speak and soon became friends. The Panda expressed that it liked books and pulled one out of its lunchbox.
-----"Oh, do you read a lot?" asked Teddy.
-----"Yes, very much," said the red-haired Panda. "I have a lot of books and they take me to such beautiful worlds."
-----The Teddy then stood up on its chair and pointed its finger to the sky.
-----"Then I shall write a book, a book of wondrous things. Like birds or Mushrooms groups."
-----The red-haired Panda laughed at Teddy.
-----"You can't write a book," said the Panda. "Writing is hard and takes a long time. I bet you just want to write about honey and silly things."
-----The Teddy was saddened by the Panda's words. It knew it could do whatever it set its mind to, all it needed was time. So Teddy made a decision that day to prove its Panda buddy wrong. It would write a book and then present it to the red-haired Panda. So throughout long days and nights, Teddy began to write and look up tutorial videos on the Bear-Tube on how to construct a story. Teddy found so much help on how to to write book for other animals like like Goblin Greene, Author Level Law Bird, Hello Future Hippo, Over Sarcastic Platypus, and so many others.They would inform Teddy of how to write a book. Oh, it was hard, but Teddy was determined. And with hard work and bloody claws from typing too much, Teddy finished its first book and gave it to its Panda friend.
-----"Oh! that was a nice story. Now, where is part two? I want to know what happened." said the Panda.
-----Teddy was happy that the red-haired Panda liked its little book. But then it realized that it would have to write another book for Panda. It was then that Teddy looked down at its bloody claws and realized the pain it had just stumbled into. And that maybe, just maybe, it really did just care about silly things.”
-----”But… but what about the honey?” asked Teddy with a sad face.

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