August 09, 2012


A LOT of Books! 
NOTE: I have switched this to a rafflecopter after a few people told me that it would let them comment. 
So I thought that I would take a break from things I HAD to read. And start on some books that I own that I have been neglecting. So below are the books that I have been looking at for this week. You will find a link to to buy the book as well as my rating below.

Rafflecopter says this goes for 1 year so it doesnt time out!  I will be adding books every day or so! As I go through them.  Its a work in progress so work with me. 


So how about a giveaway!  Ill be giving away all the books listed!  They are ALL in PRINT!  Hardbacks and Paperbacks!   

Donate to any of the following in any amount and get 1 free ebook! as well as 25 extra entries in wining the above books.

Book Expo Fund
Help me get there!

Pay off bills

Family Trip to Univeral

I want my step dad to adopt me

9/11 Memorial Donations
This donation button is for 9/11
Ashes Ashes tour!
We are raising money for the 9/11 Memorial!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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