March 14, 2014

{Cover] HaperTeen just released their new Fall 2014 Covers! @EpicReads

So here are the new covers via EpicReads  for Fall of this year.  I so can't wait! 

Here is a link to their post:

Ok so this one is book 2 to Blackout and I have to say that I am very excited about this one.  And that is not just because the author Robison Wells is coming on the #ReadOn show Sept 27th along with Krystal Wade.

I have the Burning Sky in ebook and still haven't read it. But this cover is just beautiful!  I think ill have to add it to my ever growing list.

Ok this one looks GOOD.  I loved Chaos of Stars!!  I so can't wait for this one! ARC please why yes ill take it!!

This author I know I have heard before but I can't place it.  But the book sounds interesting.

I don't know if I will pick this one up. The cover looks creepy but I couldn't get through the authors other retelling.

Another one that I prob won't grab.  I didn't care for Asylum at all.  But the cover looks very creepy!

This one I can't wait for!!  EEEP

Another one that I so can't wait for!!!

Yay! A new Gretchen McNeil book!And it appears to be a series. I don't think any of her other books were series. Hmmm.

A second book?! WHAT? I thought Not A Drop To Drink was a standalone. Apparently I was wrong. But the cover is pretty.

Yup. Cover buy. The story doesn't sound too bad either. I have the first book around here somewhere... hehehe. The third book will be called Trust Me. Or at least that's what Goodreads says.


Please make sure to check out the sight above that I got this from. And on the site it tells you where the cover was first revealed so go check out those links as well!

What do you think about these covers? Which ones are you most excited for? Which ones are the prettiest? Let me know!


The cover for Ina Handful of Dust is specially beautiful.

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