September 27, 2014

#Review & #Giveaway of Girl Defective by @postteen

In the tradition of High Fidelity and Empire Records, this is the literary soundtrack to Skylark Martin’s strange, mysterious, and extraordinary summer.

This is the story of a wild girl and a ghost girl; a boy who knew nothing and a boy who thought he knew everything.

It’s a story about Skylark Martin, who lives with her father and brother in a vintage record shop and is trying to find her place in the world. It’s about ten-year-old Super Agent Gully and his case of a lifetime. And about beautiful, reckless, sharp-as-knives Nancy. It’s about tragi-hot Luke, and just-plain-tragic Mia Casey. It’s about the dark underbelly of a curious neighborhood. It’s about summer, and weirdness, and mystery, and music.

And it’s about life and death and grief and romance. All the good stuff.


About the Author

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I grew up in Melbourne's outer eastern suburbs feeling far away from anything interesting. At eight I raced BMX; at thirteen I was into hair dye and pop music; at fifteen I decided that (like Sheila E) I wanted to lead the glamorous life, but school was a reality I couldn't ignore ' after school I boarded the carousel of casual employment - pubs, cafes and record shops. I read all the time ' I loved the beats, pulp fiction and cult writers ' I had lots of literary crushes ' I finally went to University where I set up a small press called Vandal Press ' and began writing seriously. Then I went overseas, leaving a trail of short stories ' In 2002, one of my stories was made into the short film Pity 24. I won the Australian Writers Guild award for the script and travelled with the film to the Los Angeles Shortsfest where I saw the blind guy from Becker, walked on Kim Basinger's red carpet and went to a pool party atop Schwabs Drugstore (and learned that no one swims at LA pool parties, NO ONE...)Finally I got a proper job working on hit TV show The Secret Life of Us where part of my job was writing the guff - the seven seconds of something that no-one actually hears. And when that job folded, I took all this stuff about movies and false starts and appreciating the background bits and turned them into a novel.

My Review 5 Defective Stars

This was a fantastic read!  A story about a girl who is just trying to find herself.  And this really sums up the book well without giving anything away. And it’s about life and death and grief and romance. All the good stuff. 

If you want a book that will have you wanting to turn around and read it again then this is what your looking for!! 

Go Into This One Knowing

That you need to go read it!!
"All opinions are 100% honest and my own."

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The Caffeinated Booknerd said...

I went through my first REAL breakup.

Yun-A said...

I just turned 16 last month, so it hasn't been that long. :) But the biggest thing that happened was graduating from middle school (again).

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