October 05, 2014

#Review of Twilight of Doom, A Taylor and Alan Adventure (Volume 1) by Jackie Mae, Alison Taylor

 Taylor’s family had patiently waited a whole year for this. Being on vacation in Ocean City was the stuff kid’s dreams were made of; cotton candy, sun, sand, waves, pizza, crabs, the boardwalk, and the carnival. For two whole weeks every year they packed their belongings and headed down to Ocean City, Maryland. Once there, their parents let most of the rules about healthy eating fall away during vacation. Taylor and her brother Alan are having the time of their lives doing fun activities like swimming, playing in the sun and surf, staying up as late as they want, to buying an awesome new kite. Everyone is getting along and having fun. Everything is picture perfect until they spend the afternoon at the carnival. The House of Mirrors, where you can be skinny and tall, thin or wide. But this House of Mirrors has something else besides mirrors in it, something Taylor and Alan have never experienced before. Something that will scare and amaze them—The House of Mirrors, where all is not as it seems. Taylor and Alan must find their way back from the Land of Spark, while helping the people that live there get out from under the control of the bad wizard. Can two children outsmart the powerful wizard, save the people that are from the Land of Spark, and possibly find their way back home?

About the Author



I live in the beautiful Northeast with my family. Surrounded by children, grandchildren, friends, family, and many animals, I consider myself fortunate.

After years of college, raising a family, and working, I seriously thought about following my dream. With a support system in place I started writing full time. In life, when you find your passion your life takes a wonderful turn.

I started out with my first book, The Ones THE DARKEST SERIES. I learned a lot from the experience and was excited when my second book, A Lifetime To Wait THE DARKEST SERIES was published. It chronicles women as they struggle with their new found psychic abilities and battle a possible alien takeover.

Twilight of Doom: A Taylor and Alan Adventure is a new children's chapter book series that is co-authored with my young granddaughter. This Girl Scout is proud that a portion of the proceeds go to the Caitlyn Dunbar Nature Center to help support Girl Scouts. It is a THRILLER (for the kids) and a FACTION book (for the kids - but I won't tell them). It also helps to instill the concept of mindful and respectful of our environment.

Life is full and beautiful. I hope yours is too.

~ Jackie Mae

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My Review 4 Stars

Very interesting book for the middle school years.  Very vivid writing and well if you live in Maryland then you might want to read this for history because the author does a great job of giving you a lesson about the state.  Characters were great and fun.  Cant wait to see what else this author has in store for us readers. 

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"All opinions are 100% honest and my own."

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